St. Ursula

'A new and astounding dignity'

When St. Angela founded the Company of St. Ursula, it consisted of women living in their own homes while continuing their daily occupations. Supported by Angela, they learned from her what it meant to live a life of total consecration to God while living in the world. The central focus of their lives was their consecration to Christ, their deep personal relationship with him. From that relationship they spread the message of His love to those with whom they lived, or with whom they came in contact.

In time the "company", as it was known, underwent many changes. Ursulines became Religious in strict enclosure and, responding to the needs of their time, adopted education as their prime apostolate. As we approach the third millennium a new movement is taking place. It can be described a fresh ‘stirring’ of the Spirit of God in our world. It offers a new challenge to the people of the 21st century. It is a renewal of the call to Angela’s vision of a life-long consecrated relationship with Christ, lived not in convents or monasteries but wherever one lives.



Are you searching…?


Are you searching …to deepen your loving relationship with Christ

bringing it into every situation and moment of every day,

not matter what your occupation, vocation or profession?


Are you searching …for a radical, celibate life

with the opportunity to meet regularly

with others of a similar mind?


Are you searching …for a vision of peace, truth,

love, harmony and right relations

lived out by committed women and men in an everyday world

with the freedom to develop and set your own structures of dedication?


If these words are striking a chord within your being

and you wish to know more

then ……

you are invited to contact

Anne Harte Barry OSU






  • The writings of Angela Merici, the Primitive Rule, the Testament and the Counsels, will be foundational.
  • A deep desire for mystical espousal to Christ. expressed in a celibate life-style
  • The mission of the company will spring from mystical espousals, by which the member will draw others into relationship with Christ.
  • Members will
    • be formed according to the re-interpreted charism of Angela;
    • commit to this way of life. (Rule 1:2, 9)
  • The lifestyle and mode of government of the Company which will reflect the form of life of the early Company, which includes sisters scattered throughout the city (Rule 11:7), and living a life characterised by bondedness, conectedness and harmonious relations.

‘So consider how important is this union and concord. Long for it. Search for it. Make your own of it. Hold on to it with all your strength."




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