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Graphic artist and illustrator
specialising in childrens literature.

animal pageant
Holly Sierra is an artist and illustrator of great talent. She specialises in work for the childrens market and is noted for a delicacy and invention in her execution which mirrors both the simplicity and imaginative complexity of a childs fantasy world

Holly has travelled widely in Asia and the Pacific rim and her work often reflects her love of Eastern cultures and peoples. She also has toured America and takes a special interest in the Native American folklore.

She has recently been experimenting with Celtic motifs in her work and is investigating the possibility of illustrating stories based on Irish folktales. As Holly has a strong Irish connection this work is bound to be excellent!

Holly has been commissioned to illustrate childrens literature by many of the great American publishing houses. She also is actively seeking a publisher for a childrens book, "Seaboy", she has written and illustrated.

in contrast to the whimsy and fantasy of her work for children, Holly Sierra is also an accomplished portrait painter with the ability to produce highly finished work which, though highly realistic in style, manages to capture the essence of the sitter with an incisive sureness.

example of Holly's art

If you are interested in Holly's work her agents are:
Cornell and McCarthy
2-D Cross Highway
Westport CT 06880
Tel. (203) 454 4210

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