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From the front door of Ballyfarnon House, one of several walking experiences begins. Walking in this beautiful area is for those who savour nature; those who like to drink the atmosphere, relishing the flavour of the surroundings and itís people.

Its joys are subtle. Tiny cameos and broad panoramas can be equally satisfying because the walker touches the texture of each place, smells the perfumes of clean Atlantic air and sees the landscape slowly reveal itself in the light and half light.

Lasting impressions are conceived, born and grow along the timeless greenery, in the rugged mountains and around an unspoiled countryside adorned with lakes, rivers and fast flowing streams.

The memories that last are forged between the walker and the hospitable people who live nearby.


The Miner's Way
Ballyfarnon House is ideally situated for country, hill and mountain walking. Many walking routes have been established around the village the most famous and extensive network being that of The Minerís Way:

Length of Walk: 50km                                      
Highest Point: 428m
Historical Trail: 70km (120km entire)

A great cairn on top of Kilronan Mountain sets the historic tone for this walk. Woven round Corrie Mountain and Kilronan Mountain, the walk offers panoramas extending over Lough Allen, to the east, Loughs Meelagh, Skean and Key to the south, and Lough Arrow and Bricklieve Mountain with its pre-historic settlement to the west. Breathtaking beauty, all the way. The walker can explore the mining communities, which worked the iron ore and coal seams for over 400 years. Sweathouses are dotted over the route. These were ancient saunas for sweating out illness and some date back to the 6th century. The Arrange Minerís Way mapped together with the Historical Way (70km) around Lough Key and Lough Arrow and Bricklieve offers a truly fascinating trek for those who love history and magnificent landscape in equal measure.

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