The Production Team

The Stage Crew

The Stage Crew Top Row: (From Left)
Tony Jones (Props)
Dwane McGovern
Pat Muldoon
Lennie Kellett

Bottom Row: (From Left)
John Curran
Mark Farrell
Ian McGovern (Asst. Stage Mgr.)

Missing For Photo:
Steve Phillips
Johnny "Zoom" Morris

The Experts

The Experts From Left:

Dwane McGovern
(Stage Manager, Set Design)

Brian O' Neill
(Lighting Design, Set Design)

Tony Jones
(Props, On Stage Effects)

More Experts

The Stage Crew From Left:

Helena Delaney
(Choreographer - Senior Dancers)

Gavin Murray
(Musical Director)

Linda McLoughlin

Choreographer - Junior Dancers: Fiona Geraghty

Set Construction: Scenic Artist: Sean Keleghan

M.C's: Cast Manager: Nora Reilly

Costumes: Prompter: Ann McGovern

Make Up: Photographs By: Anne Clarke

Written & Directed By: John Grant