Silver Jubileeís only occur once in a societyís lifetime and for Kells Musical & Dramatic Society (1976) this year gives us an opportunity to look back with pride on 25 very successful years of Pantomime, Drama, Variety, Pageants, A Passion Play last Easter and sundry other activities to numerous to mention. We also assisted many groups and organisations with fund raising as well as providing personnel, props, costumes, scenery, scripts and sound to those who needed our help.

Kells Pantomimes have a tradition, which demands a unique approach. The script while keeping the traditional story line manages to combine local and national humour in a very topical way. Creative writing gives wonderful comic scope for the "The Dame" and the "Comics". "The Goodie" versus "The Baddie", The Hero against the Villain and a mix of principal roles which maintain the a balanced cast of characters, another important ingredient is the Chorus which is usually a mix of adults and children whose job it is to comment on events, give support to the Hero and act as the conscience of the audience. The dancers help maintain the momentum of the show enhancing it by their performances.

"In The Wings" so to speak are the stage crew who work tirelessly to ensure that all the scenery for each scene is made and on stage at the correct time during the show.

Lighting must be atmospheric reflecting the mood of each scene with all cues spot on as to timing for maximum effect.

The prop makerís art is reflected in the time and care with which each hand and stage prop is chosen to complement each character and scene.

The music chosen must reflect the mood of the show and sometimes selecting the right song to express the sentiment of the moment can prove very difficult.

Costuming a show is a very demanding job in the selection of material, colour and style for each individual performer.

Overseeing all these diverse activities is the Director who carries an enormous responsibility for the overall production as seen by the audience.

Add to the above people Front of House staff, Booking Office staff, Make up People an army of helpers and a strong committee and you have a recipe for success.

The Society believes that the future lies with the youth of the town and surrounding areas and with over 40 children and some 30 teenagers the future looks bright.

The Society wish to thank all those who took part in any of itís productions and all itís Sponsors, Patrons and Advertisers, the audiences for all their support over the years.

The Kells Musical & Dramatic Society (1976) Has contributed to them social and educational life of the town and deserves itís place of distinction in the Community.