Census Extract for the Parish of Barony, District of Bridgeton, in the County of Lanarkshire, Scotland.


This was Wilsons Land and the Cassidys are the second last family on the page.

James Cassidy, Age 40, Occupation, Agricultural Labourer, Where Born: I stands for Ireland.

Anne Cassidy, Age 25, Occupation not stated, Where Born: Ireland

James Cassidy, Age 5, Where Born: Ireland (James was my great-grandfather)

Patrick Cassidy, Age 4, Where Born: Ireland

Anne Cassidy, Age 11 months, If born in Scotland state whether in county or otherwise:

Yes, Anne was born in the County of Lanarkshire.


Census records are a great source of genealogical information and can help immensly in the search for siblings and missing links in the chain. In some Scottish census records where someone is born in Ireland the County of origin is also given.

Ages tended to vary a lot, most people did not not know exactly what age they were. Birthday celebrations are a recent invention!

Now lets see if you have been paying attention.

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Which county in Ireland do the Cassidys come from? Fermanagh

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