The Independent Labour Party

The Independent Labour Party was founded in 1893 by James Keir Hardie, John Trevor and Robert Blatchford. It's principle purpose was the promotion of a direct labour representation in the British Parliment. It became one of the most influential of British Social Organisations and it's history is the story of the growth of working class political power.

The First Manifesto of the I.L.P.


1. The abolition of piece-work, overtime and child labour under the age of fourteen.

2. The restriction by law of the working day to eight hours.

3.Provision for the sick, disabled, aged, widows and orphans, the funds to be raised by a tax upon unearned income.

4. Collective ownership of the land and all means of production, distribution and exchange.

5. Free un-secterian education from school to university.

6. Properly remunerated work for the unemployed.


The Independent Labour Party is in favour of every proposal for extending electoral right and democratising the system of government.


1. The abolition of indirect taxation, and taxation to extinction, of un-earned incomes.

2. A graduated income tax.


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