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Genealogy Links

Tracing your family tree? Here are a list of my favourite sites.

Local Names A forum for people sharing information about their Irish family names.
Loftus Web A global attempt at tracking the Loftus family heritage.
Official Cassidy Clan Website The Cassidy Clan is a perpetual hereditary association of people bearing the Cassidy surname, or having descended from an ancestor with the Cassidy surname. The place to be if your ma or pa was a Cassidy.
Fermanagh Gold If you have an interest in County Fermanagh this is the site for you with information on genealogy, culture and history.
All Irish Clans and Names A website for everyone of Irish origin
Scot Clans Information on the main Scottish clans with details of clan tartans, crests, and clan homelands.
Family Search Search for your ancestors on the IGI
Grenhams Irish Recordfinder Software program that guides you through the process of where to find the records you are looking for and how to access them.

Milesian Genealogies Most of the Irish are descended from one of the three sons of Milesius. These are the Milesian genealogies.

United Kingdom Genealogy This site provides links to all genealogy resources pertaining to the United Kingdom and Ireland.
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the internet. More than 62,600 links.
Distant Cousins A comprehensive genealogy site.
Fianna Guide to Irish Genealogy An excellent site with over 500 pages of help on tracing your Irish ancestors.
ULSTER AMERICAN FOLK PARK Situated near Omagh in County Tyrone, this is an outdoor museum telling the story of emigration from Ulster to the New World in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Scots/Irish Links

Scottish and Irish information sites.

Rampant Scotland Directory 7000 Scottish related links.
Gateway to Scotland This site is run by the department of geography at Edinburgh University. A marvellous source of information about Scotland.
Wir Ain Leid An introduction to modern Scots (Lowland Scots language).
Niceone Irelands Internet directory.
Ireland By Net.Com The complete guide to Ireland. This link takes you to their genealogy page.
Ireland's Portal An internet search engine and directory for all things Irish.
Focal an Lae The word of the day in Irish. A site for anyone wishing to learn the native celtic languages.

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Tourist Links

Ireland & Scotland

Bord Failte The official website of the Irish tourist board. The premier site to plan and book your holiday to Ireland.
11,000 Places to Stay & 10,000 Things to do!
Northern Ireland Tourist Board Official Website of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board
Scottish Tourist Board Everything you need to know about Scotland's greatest attractions.

Online Scotland The best online guide to Scotland with pages on travel services, accommodation, culture and leisure.

The Glasgow Site All about the Dear Green Place my hometown.


The Irish News The Paper is independently owned and speaks independently. Within Northern Ireland the title sells mainly to the nationalist community, but is recognised as a quality newspaper which reflects the full range of life in Ireland today.
Evening Times This is a local Glasgow newspaper with local and international news.
The Herald Based in Glasgow, this is Scotlands main quality broadsheet.

Fun Stuff

The Leprechaun Watch Ah da little people do exist and their living under a tree in Tipperary. It's true I tell you!

2 Irish.Com Join hosts Eamon Trollybus and Seamus Brophy for an intense course in how to be too Irish. There is even a T.I.T.I Diploma if you would like to be certifibly too Irish.
The 6 Degrees of Gerry Adams A fun game where you must try and find the most obscure politician in the world and link him with Gerry. It is bound to happen in 6 moves or less!
MaryCam A hilarious tour, by webcam, of the Irish Presidents Official Residence courtesy of the Celtic Tiger Website. If this doesn't make you laugh you are brain dead my friends.
Daily Reckless Highly amusing parody of the Scottish Newspaper The Daily Record.
Friends Reunited Meet up with old school firiends .
Chewing the Fat Scottish humour at its best.

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