Bridget's Prose

The Ballad of Lord Rupert Hack

By Bridget Brennan

He was tall, he was aloof, he was English by descent and he had no time for tenents who could not pay their rent.

It was 1845, the potato crop had failed and the tenents of Lord Rupert Hack knew, he would have their coffins nailed.

For they had no livestock left to sell and their food was now diseased and Lord Rupert Hack would surely turn his back on their sad and pitiful pleas.

Then one night in desperation a man called Joe McGinn commited what the church would call a dreadful mortal sin.

Joe thought about his family the loved ones he had lost. His wife and seven children had paid a fatal cost.

Lord Ruperts rents were too high and Joe just could not pay. His Lordship had evicted them and they died of cold and hunger on her Majesty's highway.

Now as Joe thought about them the anger in him grew and it was there and then this man decided what he must do.

He knew Lord Rupert Hack would often chance to roam, down by a small secluded wood quite near his stately home.

As Lord Rupert took his nightly stroll Joe was lying there in wait and as Lord Rupert came close by Joe leapt across a gate.

From under his old ragged coat he took a long sharp knife and he used that awful implement to end Lord Rupert's life.

Joe soon was aprehended and the hangman he was fetched. The noose was strong and tight and Joes neck it was well stretched.

But before he met his final fate Joe had something more to say "Lord Rupert got what he deserved I made that scoundrel pay. I hope his useless soul will never find true rest and until the Judgement day may it wander o'er the earth."

Many years have now gone by since that frightful deed went down and the land that was Lord Rupert's is now a little town.

But the residents who live there will tell you most sincerely that they often hear his footsteps and they hear them very clearly.

As the midnight hour approaches, to their doors he comes a knocking and those who open up to him are in for something shocking.

For there he stands all dressed in grey on his face a hideous grin. In his right hand he holds an eviction notice and in his left still hanging by it's noose is the corpse of... JOE McGINN!!!