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  Birds for Sale   CONTACT: Cage Fronts For Sale
16 cage fronts 18 x 12  they have the budgie nestbox door and the canary head holes. 145 Euros


Cage Fronts For Sale
16 cage fronts 18 x 12  they have the budgie nestbox door and the canary head holes.     145 Euros, Contact Ger on 087 6394682




I have the following birds for sale & will be bringing them to 
blue,cobalt&normal lineoleted parrakeets
zebra,red turtle,cape,eared (doves)
medium sulphur crested cockatoo hen
red winged laughing thrushes
silky starlings
red eyed starlings
all above are proven prs
For Sale 
Ringnecks blues 
Hi from Jim at Midland Foreign Birds (MFB).

Here is the current stock list of species available at the moment

Exhibition - Gloucester's
Red / Golden Dimorphic

Finches and Waxbills
Mutations cherry zebra
Diamond sparrow Bengalese
Black headed green finches
Yellow throated elegant buntings
Zebra Finches (various colours)
Parrot Finches / Blues, Red headed and Pieds
Cherry Finches
Owl Finches
Reed buntings
White eared rose finches
Zeld zome weavers (very rare)
Pearl Headed Silver Bills
Bronze Wing Manikins
Magpie manakins
Read Eared Waxbills
Sundervals Waxbills
Mexican house finches (some mutation)
Java sparrows
Red and yellow faced star finches
Pekin robbins
Siberian bull finches
Cape sparrows
Silver Bills
Red and Yellow winged Pytillas
Senegal Fire Finch
Red Billed Weavers
Orange Cheeked Waxbills
Long Tails
Parsons (some fawns)
Bengalese (some crested)
Gouldian Finches (different head and breast colours)
(Some yellows and blues)
Diamond Firetails (normals, yellow tailed and fawns)
Yellow Rumped seed eaters
Red Headed Finches

Black Bellied Thrushes

New Species coming in all the time.

Codon blues
Lavender finches
Gold breasts
Red ears waxbills
Green twinspots
Orange cheeks
Cut throats
Black and white manakins
Blue billed fire finches
Green singers
Red and yellow winged pytillas
Black bellied fire finches
And many more.

Order now to avoid disappointment

Seed and Egg Food etc. available all year round.

Many thanks for your patience while the website is being upgraded.  It will
be up and running shortly.

In the meantime feel free to send emails to or
directly on 07748016800.

Happy Bird Keeping.


Jim (MFB)

Budgerigars For Sale Phone Len on 1754 872417

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    Wanted turk hens Stanley Rosella hen Budgies Normal Green And Lutinos Pascal Contact Pascal on 021 4373814  

April 22 2005.