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      Bird Sales weekend Sat/Sun 12th /13th of May 07 

GAA Complex Crosshaven rd Carrigaline Co Cork 10am to 5pm each day any trade stands requiring information and details should contact Pascal on or call 00353 21 4373814    also sales tables available for breeders  

Up date 20/4/07 Check out  events page for confirmed stands to date some spaces still available 

List of  Hotels and B&B in the area.

Carrigaline Court Hotel 
Rochestown Park 021 4890800
Maryborough House 021 4365555
B&B Shannon Park 021 4372091
Raffeen Lodge 021 4371632
Bellshade 021 4372258  
Rockboro 021 4371139  Full
Chestnut lodge 021 4371382
Castle View 021 4372576
Castle Rock 021 4374802
Carrigeen 021 4377942


The Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mary Coughlan T.D., (accompanied by Minister of State Brendan Smith) today met with the Avian Influenza Expert Advisory Group as it held its first meeting under the chairmanship of Professor Michael Monaghan of UCD.

The Minister said that the Group considered the extensive range of contingency measures which the Department has already put in place with a view to evaluating their adequacy in the current circumstances and concluded that the measures in place are sufficient at this time (details of these measures are available on the Department's website).

Ms. Coughlan added that the Group also gave some initial consideration to her specific request 'to advise her as to the circumstances in which the compulsory housing of domestic poultry and other birds would be appropriate.' Professor Monaghan advised the Minister that, having regard to the current risk of the introduction of H5N1, the Group did not consider that such a course of action was necessary at this time, though the Group would keep the issue under continuous review.

The Minister also announced today a further enhancement of her Department's helpline facility which has been operating for some months. She confirmed that a new low-call number was being provided with immediate effect. The number is 1890 252 283 and members of the public who want to report dead birds will be able to contact this number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Minister pointed out that the helpline is in addition to the existing long standing facility whereby the Department's Head Office is contactable 24 hours a day for reporting of animal disease incidences.

Minister Coughlan said that other agencies, including An Garda Siochana, the Health Services Executive and local authorities are being reminded that calls from members of the public about dead birds should be redirected either to the Department's local office network or to the low-call helpline number (details of telephone numbers for Department's local offices are on the Department's website).

The Minister made clear that the Department's function in collecting and testing dead birds is to operate a surveillance/early warning system. Accordingly, the collection of dead birds would be limited to those species which are more likely to be carriers of the H5N1 virus and that it was not considered necessary for the Department to be involved in the recovery and testing of all dead birds. “It is a much more efficient use of physical and laboratory resources to concentrate on those species such as water fowl which are more likely carriers of the virus”. The Department will be advising the public, through advice/information notices in the national newspapers, of the types of birds on which they will be concentrating their attention and advising the public also what they should do in the event that they come in contact with dead birds in the wild.

22 February, 2006


As part of the ongoing focus on protecting Ireland against the threat to poultry posed by avian influenza, the Minister for Agriculture & Food, Mary Coughlan TD, today introduced a number of additional precautionary measures. Such measures take account of recent avian 'flu-related developments in central and eastern Europe and the consequential decisions taken by the European Commission.

The additional measures introduced by the Minister have been given weight of law by two Statutory Instruments (S.I.s) which she signed today. The first S.I. provides for (a) an immediate ban on the collection of poultry and captive birds for poultry markets, shows, exhibitions and cultural events (other than under licence) and (b) record keeping and the reporting of unusual or unexplained patterns of bird mortalities at commercial premises. The second S.I. provides for the registration, with the Department, of all poultry flock owners and owners of premises where captive birds are kept for sale or for sporting purposes. The register will come into operation on 7 November and applications for registration will have to be made to the Department by 31 December 2005.

The ban on markets and other events is being introduced following an EU Commission Decision of 21 October, while the reporting of unusual or unexplained patterns of death in poultry and captive birds will be a further element in the Department's 'early warning system'. Both measures will apply throughout the country with immediate effect. The ban on the collection of poultry and captive birds for markets, shows, exhibitions and cultural events will be reviewed before 1 December.

The registration of all flock owners and premises where captive birds are kept for sale or for sporting purposes will provide the Department with critical information needed to identify and map the precise locations where all such birds are kept. Such information will be used in the event of an outbreak of disease. The use of the Department's technological capability to electronically map such locations and accurately determine restriction and control zones will be a key element in the Department's ability to respond speedily and accurately to any outbreak of disease.

Ms Coughlan said that a register of all premises “will greatly enhance the Department's ability to manage this type of situation and will enable us to respond more effectively to any outbreak”. The Minister said that the Department's very considerable ICT capability, which is the product of ongoing planning, development and investment over recent years, will be invaluable in underpinning its capacity to deal rapidly and effectively with any suspect or confirmed outbreak of avian 'flu.'

The Minister said that the decision to proceed with the measures introduced today is “entirely consistent with our approach to date. It represents a further measured and proportionate response to the risk of the introduction of the disease”. She said that the Department had “at all times complied fully with its international obligations and continues to be guided by the best available veterinary advice and expertise, at both national and EU levels. The additional precautionary measures now being put in place are further evidence of our commitment to give full and speedy effect to the EU measures insofar as they are appropriate in Irish circumstances”. In this regard, a measure to give full effect in Irish legislation to the ban on importing captive and pet birds from outside the EU was being finalised.

The Minister said that her Department was continuing to consider the introduction of other measures, including additional biosecurity measures in potentially high-risk areas as provided for in the recent Commission Decision.

Minister Coughlan welcomed the statement issued by the EU Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health yesterday and, in particular, the comment that “properly cooked poultry or eggs cannot be a source of infection” and that, consequently, “EU consumers can be reassured about any possible risk related to the consumption of poultry meat or other products from poultry”.

27 October 2005


Coughlan announces arrangements for registration of flockowners and premises where captive birds are kept

The Minister for Agriculture and Food, Ms Mary Coughlan TD, said today that arrangements had now been finalised to register all flock owners and premises where captive birds are kept for sale or sporting purposes. This process is part of the ongoing focus on protecting Ireland against the threat to poultry posed by Avian Influenza.

Application forms for registration have been sent to customers of the Department and advertisements are being placed in the national press to alert others of the need for registration. Blank application forms are available from local offices of the Department and on the Department's website ( Completed forms should be returned to the Department's local offices before 30 November and the information received will be entered on the Department's Animal Health Computer System.

The requirement to register applies to all individuals and companies who:

  • Keep domestic poultry (even small numbers of chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks or geese for their own or local consumption) or
  • Own, handle or trade in domestic poultry or other captive birds for sale or sporting purposes (including enterprises such as aviaries, pet farms, pet shops, game clubs, pigeon breeders, etc.).

The registration requirement has force of law on foot of the Minister having recently signed the relevant Statutory Instrument. It does not apply to pet birds in domestic households.

Minister Coughlan said: “Registration will provide the Department with critical additional information needed to identify and electronically map the precise locations where all such birds are kept. In the event of an outbreak of disease, we will use this information to determine quickly and accurately restriction and control zones. As part of our national effort to address the risk posed by Avian Influenza, I am now asking all poultry, captive bird and sporting bird owners/enterprises to respond promptly to the requirement for registration.”

9 November 2005



                                                                                                                                                    November 2005


Re: Diseases of Animals Act 1966 (Registration of Poultry Premises) Order 2005

Application form for registration of flocks of poultry and other captive birds


As a precautionary measure in the context of dealing with an outbreak of avian influenza, the Department of Agriculture has decided to create a central register of the extent and location of all species of domestic poultry and captive birds that might be susceptible to this disease.  The availability of such a record will be of vital importance in containing and controlling an outbreak of this disease should one occur in Ireland.


Most commercial producers and processors of poultry and eggs are already registered with the Department.  If you are not already registered and if at present, or in the near future, you are likely to

  • Keep domestic poultry (even small numbers of chickens, hens, turkeys, ducks or geese for your own use),
  • Own or trade in domestic poultry or other captive birds (such as pigeons, sporting birds or exotic birds but not pet birds in domestic households),

please complete the application form overleaf and send it to your local District Veterinary Office (addresses under) as soon as possible but in any event no later than 30 November 2005.   If you already hold a herd number of flock number issued from the Department, it will suffice to enter details of that number in Panel C overleaf, sign the form and complete the final section overleaf.





Athy Road, Carlow

059 9170022


Farnham St., Cavan

049 4368200


Government Offices, Kilrush Road, Ennis, Co. Clare

065 6866042

Cork N

Hibernian House, 80A South Mall, Cork

021 4851400

Cork Central

Hibernian House, 80A South Mall, Cork

021 4851400

Cork West

Darrara, Clonakilty Co. Cork

023 36200


Meeting House St, Raphoe, Co. Donegal

074 9145990

Dub/Wick E

St John's House, High St, Tallaght, Co. Dublin

01 4149900


Dockgate Building, Merchants Rd., Galway

091 507600


Spa Road, Tralee, Co. Kerry

066 7145052

Kild/Wick W

Poplar House, Poplar Square, Naas, Co. Kildare

045 873035


Hebron Road, Kilkenny

056 7772400


Abbeyleix Road, PortLaoise, Co. Laois

0502 74400


Cranmore Road, Sligo

071 9142023


Houston Hall, Ballycummin Avenue, Raheen Industrial Estate, Raheen, Co. Limerick

061 500900


Ballinalee Road, Longford

043  50020


North Quay, Drogheda, Co. Louth

041 9870086


Michael Davitt House., Castlebar, Co Mayo

094 9035300


Kells Road, Navan., Co Meath

046 9079030


Main Street, Ballybay, Co. Monaghan

042 9748800


Clonminch, Tullamore, Co. Offaly

0506 46037


Convent Road, Roscommon

090 6630100


Cranmore Road, Sligo

071 9142023

Tipperary N

St Conlon's Road, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary

067 50014

Tipperary S

Government Offices, Davis Street, Tipperary

062 80100


Govt. Offices, The Glen, Co. Waterford

051 301700


Bellview, Dublin Road, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

044 39034


Vinegar Hill Lane, Enniscorthy, Co Wexford

054 42008

Department of Agriculture & Food  Customer Registration Form                   Form   DAFReg 1


Please indicate whether you are a Company or Individual/Group of Individuals/Sole Trader

Company                            Individual                           Group of Individuals                  Sole Trader                             


Panel A.  If you have ticked Company above, please complete this pane and Panel C below.   Please use Block Capitals.


VAT Number:      ______________               CRO Number: _____________     


Company Name:   ____________________________________________________

Trading Name:   ____________________________________________________

Address:                ____________________________ Location of flock (if different)   _______________________

                                ____________________________                                                     _______________________                                    

                                ____________________________                                                     _______________________

                                ____________________________                                                     _______________________

Contact Name for the Company: ______________________________________



Panel B.  If you have ticked Individual, Group of Individuals or Sole Trader above, please complete this panel and Panel C.  


Title:_______  First Name: ________________________     Surname:  ____________________________


Address:  ___________________________   Location of flock (if different)    _________________________


                     __________________________                                                       _________________________


                     __________________________                                                       _________________________


                     __________________________                                                       _________________________

Gender:   Male   Female     Personal Public Services Number (PPS No)

Format of PPS No is 7 numbers followed by 1 or 2 letters.   Printed on any correspondence from the Revenue Commissioners or Department of Social and Family Affairs.  


Date of Birth:  _____________       Mother’s Birth Surname: __________________ Vat Number:__________



Panel C You must complete this panel also.   


Farming Status:  Full-time     Part-time     Non-Farmer    Language for correspondence:              English               Irish


Telephone No: ____________         Mobile No: _____________             Please tick if you wish to receive SMS messages


Email Address: ___________________________________________   Fax No: ______________________


Please give details of Herd Numbers you currently hold or have held in the past:

I confirm that the information on this form is correct to the best of my knowledge and that it refers to me.


Signed ______________________________________________                       Date:



Maximum numbers of poultry/birds at location described above: ________________________


Type of operation

Farm:  Egg packing: Local market:   Small abattoir:   Open Pet Farm:  Backyard:      Game:  Pet Shop:  Aviary:  Zoo:  Ratites:  Fancy fowl:  Racing/breeding pigeons:  Quarantine:  Other  (please specify): __________


Type of Birds:

Chickens:  Turkey:  Duck:  Geese:  Ostrich:  Quail:  Guinea fowl:  Pheasant: 

Partridge:    Pigeon:  Other (please specify): _________________





Club News

Convention Convention                                  its over you Miss Out          




Watch This Space For Up and Coming Events                                      Carrigaline & District Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Club.
Aviculture Convention Cork 2005
Welcome to this brief update for The Aviculture Convention & Pet Fair  which will be held in The Carrigaline Court Hotel & The G.A.A. Hall Carrigaline Co Cork over the first weekend of April 2005 1st  2nd & 3rd . This is very  large commitments Which should promise to be an event not to be missed but it success will depend on the support from all sections of our hobby.                With this being an Aviculture Convention it has being put together with all sections in mind So for this reason we are putting this out to all the Clubs and Societies through out Ireland and The UK to give as much support as possible. We Have Engaged Speakers from all sections of our hobby to give talks over the two days and hope that all the specialist societies will give it as much support as possible.
Speaker  Committed.
Foreign: Parrot Like: Mr. Tony Glover Parrot Society UK : 
Budgerigars: Mr. Eric Peake B.S. UK :  
Vet: Mr. Alan Jones Parrott Society :UK
Canaries: Mr. Terry Kelly Fife Canaries UK :
Canaries: Mr. John Dowling Irish fancy Canaries Ire :
Natives : Mr. Roger Caton British Bird Council UK :                  
                 Zebrafinches: Mr. Peter Harrison: Z.F.S. UK                                                                                                                                   Finches/ Mules /Hybrids : Mr. Bernard Williams: UK                             Softbills: Mr. Julian Faulkner: NCA. Mr. Brian Hughes.

A Brief outline of the weekend would be

Friday night Ice breaker in the hotel. from 8 pm

Saturday Talks: in the Hotel from 9.30 am and Pet fair and Sales plus trade stands open to public from 12 noon to 6 pm in The G.A.A. hall Crosshaven rd

Saturday Night: Dinner Dance in the Hotel: 8 pm Till Late

Sunday Talks; from 9.45 am in the Hotel and Pet Fair & Sales Plus Trade stands open to Public from 10 am to 5 pm in the G.A.A. hall Crosshaven rd  TOP

Close of convention: 5 pm                                                                               

Other things running over the weekend would be a Bird Display with  Bird Sale & Pet Fair through out Saturday and Sunday:                                                  With a selection 15 of trade stands:   

Copswood Aviaries: & Farm With a large Selection of Birds   for sale:   See events Pages for Details

Hampshire Breeders & Books all you will ever need with a large selection of accessories for your birds and bird rooms.   See events Pages for Details

B.J.S. of Worcester Makers of plastic Nest boxes: Hospital cages: & Carrying cages:  See events Pages for Details

Butterflies & Bugs: a large selection of mounted Butterflies       & Bugs:

Castle Pets: Selection of Exotic Birds: Welded Mesh: + More      See events Pages for Details

Pet-Nutrition's McAuley: See events Pages for Details

Versele-laga Belgium. Trade Stand + Vet? See events Pages for Details

Breedmax : See events Pages for Details

Chickmark: See events Pages for Details

Roy Aplin Avian Art: See events Pages for Details

Riversway Aviculture Products Ltd: See events Pages for Details

Midland Foreign Bird: 


The Irish Foreign Bird and Parrot Society: 

The Parrot Fund International: 

Phelans Pharmacy Carrigaline

The Parrot Society UK have expressed their interest in Sponsoring one day of the event So if you think you would be interested in being part of this Aviculture weekend or you would like to Sponsor any part of the weekend Please Feel free to contact us for more information and details.

Below is the draft program for the talks    (subject to changes ?) 

Friday 1/4/05                      
1300   Guests start arriving                
1830/2130 Evening Meal                  
2030   Fun night in Alders Ballroom              
Saturday 2/4/05                      
930   Opening of Convention Alders Ballroom              
1000   Opening talk. Vet:                 Alan Jones Alders,  Ballroom              
    Being a Bird vet a summary of what is needed in the care of birds, with some details of common medical problems, and a few bizarre unusual cases
1115   Break teas Coffee                    
    Parrot Talk:         Tony Glover, Moonduster                
    Cockatoos in Aviculture  Care Feeding Breeding Housing Husbandry.            
1130   Natives Talk:            Roger Caton.                  Alders Ballroom              
    Power point Slide Show with Question Time                
    Irish Fancy             John  Dowling ,     Heron                
    Care Feeding Breeding Housing Husbandry                
1230   Lunch                      
    Budgies:                      Eric Peake,  Moonduster                
    Breeding Better Budgerigars                  
1400   Mules Hybrids:      Bernard Williams,          Alders Ballroom Zebra Finches:     Peter Harrison Heron            
    Power point Slide Show with Question Time                
    Zebra Finches:     Peter Harrison Heron Care 

Feeding Breeding Housing Husbandry

1515   Break  Teas Coffees                  
    Softbills:              Julian Faulkner Heron                
1530   Canaries:      Terry Kelly, Moonduster                  
1700   Close of day Talks                    
1930   Gala Dinner till late                  
Sunday 3/4/05                      
    Canaries:                     Terry Kelly                Alders Ballroom                
945   Budgerigars:           Eric Peake,  Moonduster                
    Colors & Mutations in Budgerigars                  
    Softbills:               Julian Faulkner,  Heron                
1100   Break Teas Coffees                    
    Parrots:                 Tony Glover,  Moonduster                
    Normals, Mutations.& Mongrels, Parrot & Parakeets,                
1115   Mules Hybrid: Bernard Williams/Roger Caton Alders Ballroom          
    Video Presentation                    
    Zebra finches:           Peter Harrison, Heron                
    Question Time                    
1230   Lunch                      
1345   Vet:             Patrick Ghysels                  
    Bird Diseases & Han rearing methods.                
1445   Break Teas Coffees                  
1500   Open Forum With                    
    Alan Jones                    
    Roger Caton Bernard Williams Patrick Ghysels            
    Terry Kelly                    
    Tony Glover Julian Faulkner Brian Hughes            
    Eric Peake                    
1630   Draw Close of Convention                  

Carrigaline Court Hotel 

List of other Hotels in the area.
Rochestown Park 021 4890800
Maryborough House 021 4365555
B&B Shannon Park 021 4372091
Raffeen Lodge 021 4371632
Bellshade 021 4372258  Full
Rockboro 021 4371139  Full
Chestnut lodge 021 4371382
Castle View 021 4372576
Castle Rock 021 4374802
Carrigeen 021 4377942 Full

Phone 00353 21 4373814


All the Members of Carrigaline and District Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Club. Would like to wish all Happy Breeding Season with plenty of fertile eggs


Looking Back.

A Brief look back at 02 as you can see from our events page we had a busy year and we were well rewarded for our efforts and hard work. Our quiz night was a great success with all involved enjoying themselves.

The Mallow Garden Show

This was our next outing where we Renovated another garden put on a display of birds in a variety of cages We also had some of our members hand reared birds on the display, These seemed to go down very well with young and old alike.

For this we designed and built a garden incorporating a 16ft x 3ft x 6ft Aviary divided into two on one side we had all finch like birds and in the other side we had Parakeets, Budgerigars, Cockatiels, ? (bar open) The garden was the center of attraction in the section it was so crowded over the five days that you could not move around in the garden All the members were kept busy over the festival answering plenty of questions.

The Art Competition.

This went very well we had over 200 paintings and drawings from local school children as a result of our visiting some of the local schools in June with a display of Bird and we also produced a 12 page booklet which we gave out to every class in the schools that we visited. The caliber of paintings we received was very high and we had a The World Famous Bird Artist

Eric Peake Judge this Competition. The Show.

The Show which was held on August 26th went off very well there was just under 300 birds on display with another 500 or so for sale in the sales section of the hall We also had our usual Friday and Saturday night social evenings this is a big part of our Show weekend which everyone enjoys as this is what a hobby is all about.


Trip of a lifetime? We started planning our trip to the English National early in the year and a group of us from different clubs went over to Telford in December some of us to show some to steward and some just to see this prestigious event and a few of us did all 3. Back in September we saw an article in Cage and Aviary Birds about the NCA. Club of the year competition so we decided to enter our Club in it if you are not in you can't win. Our entry consisted of a 20 page profile of the clubs activities through 1999 with photos of our different events and news paper cuttings on our P.R. word. This was sent off to the NCA. and thinking no more about it until we got an invite to attend the award presentation in Telford the Sunday of the Show, We still did not think or know what lay in store for us in Telford maybe? if we were lucky we may have gotten a runner up award or one of the club awards well we did get one of the club awards which took us by surprise when we saw all the other clubs their, We got the award for best Specialist club and we were over the moon. But it wasn't over yet as all the other awards were given out we were quit content with our achievement but we had another shock in store when Mr. Percy Jacobs the Chairman of the NCA. Awards committee stood up and said that this years over all winners and Club of the Year 1999 was going across the Irish sea we could not believe that it was us (tears of emotion were shed). Who would have taught after only 8 years we had achieved this honor. Thanks to the NCA. Cage and Aviary Birds and the Judges who scored us so high we would not be club of the year for 1999. It is encouraging to know that their are bodies out their like the NCA. and Cage and Aviary Birds willing to recognize the efforts hard work and dedication of clubs and its members who try so hard to promote this fine hobby and a special thanks to you the members who helped make 99 such a good year.

Pascal Trill. Chairman.

To Come over the next few weeks



Yearly Planner 2003/4

May 3rd 4th 5th Garden show Show grounds
May 10th to 18th inc Carrigaline awareness Week Through out the week Through out the town


May 10th Start of Awareness Week


Mallow Garden Show





Eire B.S. Show
I.F.B. Show " " "

October .
Wexford Show Sunday
Swords Show
Knocknaheeny Show.

November 8th: Open Meeting Cogans Lounge 8pm all Welcome.
November: Cork C.S.B.S. Show

Kilkenny Show

December: English National 5th to 8th N.E.C. Birmingham


April 2000
Dear Members welcome to the April Issue of the Newsletter. This years A.G.M. was started with a minutes silence for the passing away of one of our founder members and great friend, Noel Barry. Michael O'Neill from Wexford was also remembered. The meeting proper was started with last Years A.G.M. minutes being read by Club Secretary BOB That was of course after he attempted to read the 1998 minutes. The minutes were sketchy because BOB was unable to read this own handwriting. When BOB. was finished and Pascal woke everyone up we proceeded with the Chairman's report. Once again we were promised a short & sweet account of the previous Years events But by the time he was finished the bar man was ringing the bell for last orders. I won't go into detail about the report as there is a summary of events that took place later on but he was lavish in his praise for all the members who helped out during the year and helped the club become NCA. Club of the Year. Next came the Treasurer report Well financially we did very well, with our adverts and sponsorship bringing in a lot of badly needed finances. Ticket sales were down on previous years but other monies were found at social events While Browsing through the account sheet I was astonished to see that we paid a £100 to have our judges interred. Was this history in the making. What had they done Three Judges Imprisoned. To our great relief we found it was yet another spelling mistake by our Chairman (Papal Twill) I happened to visit our web site recently and was amused to read the report on the Mallow into Garden show it seems we had a mixed aviary consisting of native and foreign finches on one side of the aviary and on the other side we had Budgerigars and COCKTAILS. Now if I had known about these COCKTAILS. I would have been found inside the aviary instead of outside it. I'll let you draw your own conclusions as to who wrote up the report.? Back to the Treasurers report we came through the year with a few Bob in the kitty and our Coffers boosted even further with a cheque we received from the NCA. it is hoped that this year will be just as good. Our First ever President was Elected. The honor fell to our great friend Dermot Mooney. He met all the requirements set out by the Club Like the Pope he had to be over Eighty, Squeaky clean and shuts up when he's told Congratulations Dermot. After that experience with the stone Budgerigar you deserved it. Now if you think I'm being a bit harsh on Dermot visiting our web site you will see the cartoon on the first page Which contains a man with a nose like a Toucan I Know who the man is supposed to be and I know who drew it. So there. P.S. If Any one wants something Plastered contact Dermot. Cost a few plain biscuits and a cup of coffee Enough of the fooling. This years show will be held in Honor of Noel Barry. A trophy in honor of Noel will be awarded to the best foreign breeder in show with that I will singe off and apologist to anyone who was on the receiving end of my humor. and any one that wasn't there is still plenty of more newsletters to come you could be next.
Brendan O'Keefe,                                                                                                                   
All the members would like to Congratulate Fergus & Delores Slyne on the birth of their son.
Finbar & Sandra Wrenne. on the birth of their Daughter. and Tom & Grace English on the birth of their Grandson in the U.S.
It is obvious that there is no fertility problems in these bird rooms ? (bedrooms)

Carrigaline and District Budgerigar and Foreign Bird Club Show Report 2000 The Following is the show report of our show edit or add as you see fit This years show held over the weekend of Aug. 25 th to 27 th was dedicated to the memory of the late Noel Barry who was one of our founder members even though the entries were down on previous years the quality of exhibits was high in all sections. This years show had a change of format with the show being held over a day and a half with the birds being judged on Saturday after noon and the presentation of the top four awards and the Tommy Murray and Noel Barry Perpetual trophies being presented at the clubs Millennium Ball on Saturday night to those exhibitors who were their with the show open to the public all day on Sunday. There was a good response from the general public with over 600 people passing through the show hall on Sunday to view the birds on display and the side attractions which were around the hall these comprised of a display of butterflies insects, reptiles, Paintings of birds by a artist from South Africa, Pet shop stand, Avibags, and all the birds in the sales area plus our own club stand This year our club has put a bronze Budgerigar in to production which were available for sale on our stand at the show or can be ordered through the club for 35 pounds plus p&p. The club has once again grown in its membership as 7 new members were signed up on the Sunday and many more renewing their membership, The children's art competition was extended dew to the late display in the local car park the week before the show and we will be holding a separate prize presentation day on sat 30th of September and invite all the winners to an aviary visit and present them with the prizes. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our judges exhibitors and all our friends who came over from The UK to join us for such a memorable weekend. Now down to business The following awards were won by Best Budgerigar in show Ken Twamley Normal Green Ck he also took the award for Best a/a best normal green best novice best novice a/a Best foreign bird in show Chris Cushen for his Adult Ringnecks he also took the awards for Best c/y foreign with a pr of ringnecks Best parrot like parrot like c/y best parakeet parakeet c/y best ringneck and cy ringneck and the Noel Barry Perpetual trophy for his c/y birds Best Zebrafinch in show went to Tony Furlong with a pr of white zebras he also took the awards for best c/y zebrafinches best champion best champion c/y best whites best pied 2nd best bengalese 2nd best bengalese c/y best champ bengalese best selfs and champ c/y Best Bengalese in show went to Edwin Heffernan as did the award for best c/y Bengalese best novice best aov and novice c/y Bengalese he also took awards for best aus finch best gouldien Other award winners were Best champion Budgerigar Harry Dixon who took the awards for best champ a/a a/a opp/sex c/y c/y opp/sex, c/y opp/sex in show normal g green normal cinnamon albino lutino, champion barhead Terry Knott Brendan Kinane best c/y Budgerigar in show best c/y opp/sex a/a opp/sex best spangel novice c/y a/a opp/sex c/y opp/sex and Tommy Murray perpetual throphy Best intermediate Pascal & Berney Trill a/a a/a opp/sex best aov and best opl gray best beginner beginner a/a Finton Scallan beginner a/a oppsex c/y c/y opp/sex David Frazier junior budgerigar Julie Corcoran. Best Cockatiel a/a and c/y Kevin ODonovan Best Small finch seed eater best java sparrow Theresa Lynch, best dove a/a and c/y T Barry junior foreign K&R Scallan 2nd best Zebra finch in show a/a 2nd best c/y best normal fawns chestnutflanked creams or white black cheek champion Edie Bullman novice zebrafinch a/a c/y normals Bernard Furlong novice fawns whites Paul Cullen novice pied M Kehoe Best blue budgerigar Jim Sydney And best over all junior T.J. Cronin Judges were Budgerigars Mr. Terry Tuxford Foreign Mr. Ron Oxley Zebrafinch Bengalese Mr. George Lewsey and guest speaker Mr. Brian Hughes N.C.A.

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