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Inishowen, Co. Donegal

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The keep situated in Swan Park, is a fine example of a medieval Tower House that was built on the site of a Norman foundation, which had been demolished. ODohertys Keep was captured from the family.after the

rebellion of Sir Cahir O DohertySir , and given to Arthur Chichester. The Vaughan family were the Keeps final inhabitants in 1718, when the new manor house was built by them near by.


Carraic Brachaide (Carrickabraghey) was one of three areas of Inishowen, which had been divided up between the century. Carrickabraghey Castle stands on Friars Rocks in the Isle of Doagh and is understood to have been built by Phelemy Brasleigh ODoherty before 1600.


The Castle itself has been uninhabited since 1665. Though now a ruin, one can still see that the walls are four feet wide and possessed once seven towers wh ich enclosed a keep. This site is worth a visit, not only for the spectacular view of the "Hissing Rock"which spurts water high into the air during high tide.


Burt Castle

This sixteenth century castle, is visible from the main Derry-Letterkenny road, but has no access to it, as it is on private land. The Hovenden brothers were in command here and were ordered to resist the Spanish Armada. The English attacked it during the Sir Cahir O Doherty rebellion, but were defeated. The castle came into the possession of Sir Arthur Chichester as part of his grant of Inishowen from the crown.