Dragon Energy

Dragon energy is a strong sexual energy which gives virility and desire.
Dragon essence can be used to provide physical heat.
Dragons can be used as watchdogs or guarddogs. The essence gives protection against negative entities such as elementals and also negative energy projections from human beings.
The essence can be used in meditation or astral travel. It either lets you project your mind to different places or the dragon will fly you mentally to other planets or solar systems in this dimension.
Dragon essence evaporated over the crown chakra will open the base chakra and start it spinning correctly. It is possible for an individual to close down their base chakra again if it was tightly closed before. Continual use of the dragon essence will keep the chakra open for longer and longer periods.


The dragons have a very strong will of their own and one cannot command them to do anything against their own wishes.
However like cats, they are very inquisitive and will usually help in anything that is requested of them .
Dragons come in various sizes.
The smallest mature dragon is about 60ft long.
The largest flying dragon is about 230ft long with other sizes in between.
The energy used in the dragon energy bottle is taken from a dragon of about 150ft from nose to tip of tail.

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There are much larger Earth Dragons that are part of the genetic makeup of the Planet Earth.
These can extend within the land itself for a distance of 2 or 3 miles.
Earth dragons are different types of dragons to the fire breathing winged dragon which has been channelled into the bottles.
The fire breathing dragons are found in a dimension very close to this physical reality that we human beings live in. It is quite easy to find them within meditation, but they are rather haughty and imperial creatures who do not communicate back readily. The dragon whose energy is used in the bottles has given his permission and will assist anyone who requests his help.
He may even help you connect to your own personal dragon friend, as he is a particularly inquisitive personality with lots of friends, acquaintances and connections that he delights in doing favours for.

A dragon will not tell you his name unless he deeply trusts you.
To know a dragon's name is to have authority over the dragon.


Channelled from Diana's Dragon..... 29 July 99

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