This is the energy of a person's overself or higher spiritual self.
These energised bottles are made individually and we need to know the name of the person it is being made for.
When this essence is used an opening is made to the overself or higher consciousness.
It sends a thread of energy up through the crown chakra along the silver cord to the Overself.
This makes a pathway from the Overself down into the physical body which enables the Overself to become more conscious in the physical body over time.

On a spiritual level this can lead to the enlightenment and possible ascension of the physical body.
This is the main purpose of the essence.

On an everyday practical level your intuition becomes stronger and it will increase your confidence in choices you make: from small things such as food to eat,
to much larger choices such as career.
With an increase in intuition there is also an increase in psychic abilities.

When using the essence, sit quietly for a minute or two at least, to allow the energy to come into your system.
If possible do a meditation.
Don't use this essence as you may use the others, just making a request and then going about other activities.

The Overself is the higher soul. The soul inhabits a body and when the body dies the soul returns to and integrates with the Overself. The Overself has the personalities and memories of all past lives. A personality is created by genetic make up of the body, sex of a person, time and place of birth (horoscope), social standing, cultural upbringing and also previous incarnational experiences of the soul. When your body dies and your soul moves into the next dimension you retain your personality for some time but you also have an expansion and you are able to bring in the knowledge of your previous lives into the present personality. Next you are either reborn with a new personality or you move on and integrate into your Overself. This is like having a huge mind expansion. When you integrate with your higher self/soul the higher soul then decides whether or not you will be reborn into a higher dimension. When you become your higher self you don't lose your identity of self, instead your identity of self is vastly expanded because you become your higher self with all its knowledge.

Extended Overself

This is a much more difficult energy to make and requires us to work as a group using a complicated technique to energise an individual bottle. A photo of the person it is being made for is also needed.

Essence of Overself connections (connecting to the different personalities of the Overself.)
This essence gives a truer idea of oneness.
It brings in lots of personalities which are part of your Overself ------- past and future personalities.(lifetimes)
It also includes soul siblings on this planet and other planets alive at the moment. (The higher soul or Overself may have different personalities incarnated into separate physical bodies at the same time depending on what experience is needed.)
Usually Overselves tend to concentrate on one planet, but with so many light workers born at this time, working towards the enlightenment of this planet, there are now Overselves with tendrils out to other planets also.

The essence is restricted to the closest 60 personalities connected with each person it is being made for. As a result a person can potentially have the knowledge of all 60 personalities.
Initially it is for helping you to integrate karmic issues but because you are connecting to future personalities as well, it will be like dreaming into the future. As you become more proficient in using this essence through dreams or meditations you can tap into knowledge or experiences of your connected personalities. It will seem as if you are living someone else's life.
If you are trying to find information and if one of your connected personalities has the knowledge that you seek you will be able to tap into that knowledge.

This essence is to be used in a meditation or before going to sleep. To start with, this essence will just give you a more tolerant view of the world.
With practice you will be able to tap into the information of your connected personalities.
As you become experienced in using this essence you can work backwards to your past lifetimes. You will be able to readjust past life experiences as your past life personalities will also receive the understanding that you have now.
This is one way of bringing past problems to conscious level, healing them and sending help back to the past.
The essence should be used every night over the crown chakra only.

Channelled from Merlin June 99

Due to demand we are now offering readings channelled from Merlin. The readings are around a karmic issue that is occuring in this life.
The reading includes information about a relevant past life, how it is affecting this present life, and your life purpose.
Cost Euro 60

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