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Castle Street , Ballyshannon. 2000

Welcome to the Offical* Home Page of Ballyshannon , County Donegal , Ireland

Last updated 19th September 2006
Welcome to Ballyshannon's unoffical official Homepage on the World Wide Web. Should you ever come to visit us this page will prepare you for what lies in store. Any opinions expressed are my own and if you would like me to change my opinions....pay me !!

The first place to visit is the homepage of a gentleman named John Ward .His pages contains a detailed history of the town and many recollections of times gone by. It takes a while to get through but is very interesting indeed. Make sure to read the story of "The Green Lady !!"

Many of the businesses in Ballyshannon have ventured onto the web and have there own Homepages. These include  Donegal Parian China a ceramics company set up in 1986. From small beginings it has become a major player in the Irish ceramics industry.

Staying with the ceramics industry why not pay a visit to  Celtic Weave China situated just outside the town on the Belleek Road. (I have found this site difficult to access recently.)

Ceramics is not the only Ballyshannon craft to make its way onto the web these days. A Visit to  Reynolds Cabinets situated on Station Road shows the quality of local craftmanship. Paul Reynolds, the boss is a real nice guy who knows his stuff about the internet as well as his craft.

Moving from the craft of wood to the craft of the pen & ink. Barry Britton is an excellent graphic artist based in Rossnowlagh (5 Miles from ballyshannon). He has for many years designed the posters for the internationally famous Ballyshannon Folk Festival. At his site you can view and order his work.

An other man even more famous than Barry ( although Barry might not agree) is the poet  William Allingham . If you are in town and interested in Mr. Allingham a visit to the AIB Bank on Castle Street is a must. Here they have a section of window that this Allingham dude scribbled on many years ago when his father was the local bank manager.

Another artistically talented man who was born here is Ballyshannon is the world famous blues guitarist  Rory Gallagher . My brother in law Joey Roulston in Strabane is a huge fan of Rory's as are many people world-wide. A small commenerative fountain was opened last year in the grounds of the Rock Hospital where he was born.

The Rock Hospial is now run by the North Western Health Board

If you happen to be up at this hospital you will be opposite the grounds of one of Donegal's leading G.A.A (Gaelic Athletic Association) Clubs Aodh Ruadh . Living right next to the ground I hear all the home games. I am told by the previous owner of this house that if I sit on the apex of the roof of the house I could watch the games....don't think so.!!

Talking about houses , if you ever think of buying one in the area well the man to see is  Joe O'Neill . If Joe is about you may well get an interesting history lesson for free too. (A knowledgable man is Joe.)

If a history lesson isn't your forte then maybe a swimming lesson , a dip in the pool or even a work-out in the gym (definately not my forte !!) might suit better. In that case a call to  Ballyshannon Leisure Center might be more your style.

While running a restaurant in Ballyshannon a few years ago I told an elderly American visitor that Ballyshannon was the oldest town in Ireland - which in fact it is. The elderly gent turned to his wife and said "hey Mable , this is the oldest town in Ireland ! That means that bridge is the oldest bridge in Ireland ! " Check out the bridge (built in the 1950's !!)

Up until very recently the above bridge was the only way in town to cross the River Erne. But recently we got a second bridge. Its a bit difficult to drive one of the hundreds of 40 foot long , 20 ton trucks that snarl up the town every day over this bridge but it looks nice. Have a look

Ballyshannon's New Bridge
If you world like to see what Ballyshannon and the area around it looks like from space here is a picture.... Ballyshannon from Space

Well , its 28th June 2001 here in Ballyshannon...its raining cats and dogs. ( usual Irish summer weather) Its a night for the pub !! If you find yourself in town and in need of a pint here is a list of the pubs in town.

 *    = a pub where you just might bump into me for a pint or two.( a bird never flew on one wing
   = Food served
M   = Music (check the board or posters outside each pub to see when.)

...on the 'port' side of the river

FERGIES BAR                                 *
MELLY'S BAR                                *
OWEN ROE O'NEILLS                     M
JOSIES BAR                                    M
THE LATERN BAR                          M

....on the 'town' side of the river

THE OLD DISTILLERY                    M
FINN MAC COOLS                          ***
DEVINES                                       MF
SEAN OG'S                                    *M
DICEY REILLY'S                           M
THE THATCH PUB                           M
MC GINLEYS                                 M

21st JUNE 2001


If the Ballyshannon town commissoners or anyone in Ballyshannon would like to sponser this site let me know.

*(since I have never come across any Offical site I am making this the Offical one. So there !! )


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