"Think small.
Planting tiny seeds in the small space given you
Can change the whole world or,
At the very least, your view of it."

Linus Mundy


Clematis "Freckles" one of the most rewarding plants I grow. Flowers from Autumn through Winter.

I will start by introducing myself. My name is Elizabeth Law and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I have always been interested in plants but since my retirement I have come to love nearly all aspects of gardening , grass cutting and slug slaughter excluded!! The grass cutting is likely to become less of a chore as I find myself making borders and beds just that little bit larger to accommodate yet another new treasure.

What I hope to do as my site develops is share the ups and downs of life in my small garden. Right, I promise to confess to mistakes like planting a "miniature" conifer which is now eighteen feet tall !! However I have also had some good results .
My plan is to show photographs of my garden and chat about the plants and any other garden projects.I will talk only of those plants which I grow myself but as there are quite a number of these we could be occupied for some time! I want to share links to other garden sites which I frequently visit and from these, and the links which they in turn give, I hope you will continue the exciting tour of gardening via the WWW. I have found many links devoted to specific plants such as Roses, Alpines etc. and will include these under the appropriate heading as listed in the contents.
To encourage you to come and visit IrelandI shall tempt you with descriptions of some wonderful gardens. I would also like to have a section of particular interest to Irish gardeners .

A piece about some aspect of gardening, it could be anything, will also appear; I'm calling this " Tips 'n Talk"

I hope to update the description of my garden during the different seasons to show how it is doing; general revision of, and additions to, the page will be done regularly.
I decided to keep a Garden Diary and update it every two weeks. We are now of course at the start of my Diary for 2003. It may help to know that my back garden , which will be the main focus of this site, measures about thirty foot square and is south facing. To help friends in N.America I think our climate is Zone 8 but most of my plants will survive in much lower temperatures.

I would like to tell my visitors that from July 2004 I am moving house and going to live in Cobh, Co.Cork. Here I will be starting a garden from scratch and attempting to transfer a field into my new garden. If you like to follow my progress I have started a new site which you can access from the following link. Please do come and call.
An Irish country garden

Due to the number of pictures shown these pages may be a little slow downloading ....I hope you will agree that it was worth the wait.

Come and see my garden in 2001 and 2002.

I talk about and show some of my favourite plants.

A colourful introduction to these beautiful plants

Some lovely Rhododendrons suitable for a small garden.

Roses in my garden and links to excellent Rose sites.

The best loved feature in my garden.

Visit some wonderful Irish gardens.

Some garden related information including the making of Hypertufa.

Garden diary 2003

Garden diary 2002

Garden diary 2001

Garden diary 2000

Garden diary 1999

Garden diary 1998

A blow for blow account of a project to "increase" the size of my garden.

A look back to when I was a child and bought my first seeds

A large selection of links to Gardening sites.

Meet cats who like to garden and can be seen on garden related web sites.

Well I will be honest and say I am delighted to have got the awards shown here.

I have added a search facility to help locate specific items.
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If you have time please sign my guest book.In June 2012 the previous suppliers of the Guest Book ceased to operate this facility. I have now August 15th 2012 downloaded another Guest book. It was sad to lose all the previous entries.

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