WWW Gardening Cats

I love cats. I love gardening too. Some folk feel that that this combination is doomed to failure. Yet on looking at many garden related sites on the WWW I was struck by the number of authors who featured their feline friends or, who I later discovered, had much loved cats yet to appear on the internet. This observation has resulted in my starting a collection of "WWW Gardening Cats". Many thanks to you all for the pictures and information.


There are different sorts of Poppies.

I would like you to meet my feline friend "Poppy". As you can imagine she is a great help in the garden! However if it was a choice between "Pops" and my favorite plants , herself would win ,paws down. Poppy is a wonderful cat full of fun and very affectionate. She has a big thing about mice and finds it hard to understand when I fail to share this passion! When I had goldfish she was known to take the occasional swim; that is until the local heron came for it's dinner. As you see she still waits in hope. Does anybody know how to protect goldfish other than putting a net over the pond?
I don't think this one has the energy to chase anything, well, practically anything !

Poppy having a rest after garden exertions, unlike the crazy kat below.

If you surf the net for gardening sites you must already have met the famous Kosmo who lives with Joe and Mindy . Well ..correction....Kosmo kitty would put it another way; she decided that these two humans could do with some help around the plants and moved in with them. She has taken over many jobs and likes to take you on a conducted tour of her garden. Kosmo must be the most famous gardening cat in cyberspace. Recently she has agreed to having a new friend move in and is presently teaching Aurora her many horticultural skills! We will feature Aurora soon but *whisper*( I dont want to put Kosmo's tail in a tizzy by giving the newcomer equal billing.)

Sophie lives with Graham in Paradise garden. when I asked Graham how she came to move in he told me;" She's been with us now for six years now and she originally arrived at my father's house which is about four/five miles away. We think she was just chucked out by somebody, as she already had a collar on. The funny and attractive thing I first noticed about her was how she kept running to the back of my dad's house then the front trying to peer into the windows. Anyway, she was so appealing that I couldn't resist her, so here she is. At that time, we had three cats including her, but the road put paid to the other two. The other cats were Hodge and George, George used to ambush her, so I suppose she's glad he's not around anymore!"


Our next stop is at Croftway nursery the home of "Seamus". Here another Graham tell me about the cats past and present
" This nursery has a long heritage of nursery cats, going back many years under our ownership, and under previous owners. They are not only given run of the nursery, they are expected to work! They keep down the mice and rabbit populations, and are expected to be sociable with the customers. Here is some info on our cats, past and present:

Current incumbent - "Seamus" - brown tabby and white semi-longhair. Wandered in one day about two years ago, looking very much the worse for wear (had been hit by a car, was very thin - all the usual problems). Now a happy, healthy, but bone-idle cat! Useless mouser, but good with the public - has a habit of climbing into customers cars, so has to be watched! Currently asleep in the next room. Previous occupants - "Fifi" (Feef) - blue-grey shorthair. From local rescue centre. Only here for a few months before she was knocked down on the road outside. Not much of a mouser, but very good with customers. "Muppet" (Mupps) - brown tabby and white semi-longhair. Aged 23 when he died - had lived all his life here and something of a nursery legend - we joke that we purchased Muppet and got the nursery thrown in! Lived his life at a very slow pace and was very relaxed generally. Kept himself to himself, but had superb character. Excellent mouser and rabbiter, and incredibly patient. Knew all the best sunny spots for sitting in on warm afternoons, but did have a habit of sleeping on nails, glass, gravel or anything else that was uncomfortable. "Poo" (Pooky) - another stray - a bright ginger tabby. Very fastidious - for ever washing and very tidy. Would catch mice and put them in his bowl before eating them. Died from FTLV ("feline AIDS") after a long illness. "Donald" - completely black shorthair. Known as the "undercat". Also a stray. Acted as Muppet's henchcat, sorting out neighbouring cats! Excellent mouser and rabbiter - would catch rabbits as big as himself, in spite of his medical condition (only had about three teeth and a bad limp!!). Also died from FTLV, the first cat in our area to get this disease. Great character - would follow at your heel like a dog. "Tibby" (Tibs) - grey shorthair, with faint silver tabby markings. More of a house cat, but not bad at mousing. Not very sociable and somewhat aloof. She came with us when we moved to the nursery in 1987. Adored my father - very much "Daddy's little girl"! "Tina" (Teeny) - a huge brown tabby shorthair - possibly the most stupid cat we have ever had! A supreme mouser and rabbiter, and Muppet's paramour. Endless enthusiasm for play and a superb climber - forever up trees and on roofs. Would wander off for two or three days at a time (she has spent most of her youth as a stray) - one day she wandered off and never came back. There is little record of cats under the previous owners of the nursery (Muppet and Tina were here in the latter years - we adopted Tina when the old nursery closed, and brought her back when we bought it!). The only one we have any record of is a tail-less cat (not sure if he was a Manx, or had just had an accident) who had the inspired name of Endoff!!


At Richard's garden site in addition to pictures of his wonderful landscaping achievements he also features the family cat who rejoices in the name of "Robin Anklesbane"!!!

How many cats help with sowing the seeds?

Over to Richard to tell you the story of Robin.
" Hmmm, lesse.... Mr Anklesbane is his second name, really, and he is just Robin to us. The Anklesbane appellation probably needs little explanation as to origin, his feats of ambushment, stalkaciousness and empouncement of any and all insteps passing in his general direction -- well, this lead to the Anklesbane monniker. He resides inside, as Laura doesn't want him hanging out with the tough crowd, and being inside preserves the pristinity his coat, ears, and general good-looks. Truth be known, I think *he* would be the menace to the other kitties, were he to be a free-range kitten, as he thinks of himself as being quite the buff, studly guy (and this, despite his little, .....umm....... operation).


Kevin Sykes cats are so intelligent that they tell their own story.I show pics of two members of the feline family. Here is what "Marmaduke" had to say; "Well do you like the name Marmaduke who calls a cat that, I let everyone know its Simba, well it sounds good doesn't it, no!! OK about me well dad would say I am a bit of a moan, but there is nothing like letting everybody know your about especially when they are trying to watch that square box they call TV or at meal times. Well since I started this page, you guessed it I have put on a few pounds, but then so I should I am a Ginger Tom after all Well the wound on my leg is all clear now, dads bit of first aid worked a treat so for all those of you who where worried no need too anymore OK and I am still the best looking cat in the area, or so Mum tells me Mind talking of scrapes they are in my nature nearly got caught when I was just a kitten crossing the road out side got hit by a van escaped by the end of my tail, OK it hurt a little bit. Now all I have to put up with is being chased around the house by Twiggy, mind it is only fun, is it????

Well what can I say I am the most beautiful oriental cat in the all of Blackpool if not the World and I know my best mate Brian, that's Mum and Dads Little boy, mind he is six feet tall and take's up most of the bed, which being who I am, I should have the better half of the said bed, I'll win Right who am I, you don't know, OK I joined the family about Sep 1994 and what an edition so beautiful I was. Being of oriental persuasion this lot reckoned I was a bit of a misshape when I was small, but that was so I could develop into the creature of beauty I am now. I like to let everybody know who I am, I find the highest places to rest and cause the most commotion at all times, and my favourite trick is to bring the traffic to a stand still right outside the house especially when dad is on the computer because it causes him to bang on the window like crazy, and if I sit down, he holds his chest, something I think I heard them saying, what was it a heart condition, but he loves me.


Who could resist Oscar who owns Susan. Do visit her lovely and informative site.

Oscar turned five last month. He enjoys gardening, sleeping, and lazing about. Camouflaging among the evergreens is one of his frequent pastimes. New plants entering the yard are thoroughly checked by Oscar. The sniffing and occasional pawing of favorite specimens is a must. He loves water (which is unusual) and will chase the sprinkler or drink from the pool getting his feet and face wet. He is so precious and I treasure his companionship.

Please let me know of other garden related sites that feature feline friends.