My Garden Diary 2003

January 4th 2003 A happy New year .
As all is still rather wet and chilly the Diary will continue later in the month.
March 1st Oh dear oh dear. Just found out that my last entry for Feb never made it to cyberspace. I must have forgotten to save it. Well there was not much in it just a moan about the weather. I can still keep to that theme as it is lashing rain now. However I can report several Camellias and many Daffodils in bloom and that is a great boost. It is also good to see so many perennials appearing above ground. I often wonder if the poor things wished they had a reverse gear and could scuttle back until the weather improves. But I mutter encouraging words to them telling them they are wonderful and that seems to work. Big decision underway and that relates to the little bit of grass remaining in the back garden. I think it may go and be replaced by gravel. I know I will miss it funnily enough for the odd occasion I can walk there in my bare feet but I can always go next door if that urge hits me. As I type there are loads of birds feeding outside, finches, tits, blackbirds , robins etc. There seems to be some sort of party on despite the rain. Hope there will be lots more to report from now on . SAVE Elizabeth NOW!! Done.
April 10th Covering head in shame! No excuses for the delay in writing this time, well except for room decorating...hope that will do. The garden is looking well at present. All Camellias are flowering in fact some are now over their best. Daffs have gone and I await the leaves dying back. Lots of growth with the perennials and the usual wondering the identity of some greenery peeping through the soil. The shrub Coronilla is looking good lots of yellow blooms and it lasts a long time. Clematis alpina and montana are in flower and the Aquilegias are in bud. Forget-me-nots , self seeded of course provide a nice show of blue here and there. Bluebells will be next for no matter how hard I try I cannot get rid of them all. This may sound a heresy and yes I love them but not taking over a small garden. You may have gathered by now that I am an Hardy geranium addict so I am watching the progress of these and testing my memory as to the names....No doubt I will squash a few more in this year. Guess I could have worse addictions!
April 22nd
Room finished so I can be good again and keep my diary up to date. The weather is still pretty good. I never recall doing so much watering in April. Have been doing general weeding and tidying up and searching for some vacant spot for a geranium gasping to get in the soil. Am going to try and layer a couple of my Camellias to see if I can get the method to work. Clematis Willy still in flower and has been joined by Montana. Am waiting for a group of tulips to open their buds. Am not a great tulip fan but these ones are just lovely. May put up a photo in the hope someone can give me the correct name. The sun on the Acers is just lovely when they have donned fresh foliage.
May 7th
Well it is all happening now. Perennials zooming up to greet 2003, Lilac in bloom , Pleione formosa looking so pretty in their little trough. I have put most of my tender plants outside now and soon I will have an almost empty conservatory. The Camellias are finished but were great value having bloomed since February, well not all at the same time. The slugs are alive and well and making their way towards the Hostas, sadly there are little blue granules waiting to greet them. I don't know the general feeling about hanging baskets. While I admire those who go to so much trouble and produce wonderful shows they are no longer for me. Those looking for a long flowering spring shrub should consider Coronilla. There are several varieties one which flowers during the Winter and the one I have which comes in April. They also have a lovely scent.
May 27th
Still happening. Some go but lots of others come. The Lilac is on the way out but so many more geraniums are flowering. Funny that May seems a month of great growth and budding and indeed wonderful shades of foliage but not much colour until now near the end of the month. The Roses have started, one or two blooms on most of them and Clematis is all in bud ready to open in a week or so. Yes the start of May appears to mark the end of Spring and Summer, we hope, around the corner. Visited a lovely Garden last Saturday called Airfield Trust, used to be a private house and garden but open to the public now. Big place , wonderful trees and indeed many super plants. The show stealers were the Alliums and I have put a pic up as my plant of the Month for June.
July 3rd
The garden is like a jungle!! Quite a nice one but a trifle too overgrown. The trees and shrubs seem to have put on yards this year and a great deal of cutting back is in progress. Tomorrow is a big job with the pruning of a Photonia which is taking the sun from my patio area. Amid all this foliage the geraniums are doing well and the main colour of the garden is blue and pink due to the many geraniums. I think I need to put in a spot of red somewhere but will have to think of which plants to use, perhaps Penstemons . The other weird thing is that Orange, not my favourite shade is also making its presence felt in the form of an Alstromeria that I just cant get rid of. Also the Tropaoleum bit this is a really lovely climber.Luckily the orange goes well with the blues and has landed in a blue zone. Don't think I would be too keen on orange and pink!! Funny how some plants like that Alstromeria just make themselves at home and seem impossible to eliminate.