Welcome to the garden.
I am writing this in August 2001. Having reviewed this section it seemed the time had come for a tidy up before it got completely out of hand. I had shown pictures of progress since 1998 but the page was taking a long time to load and also the garden has changed a lot since then so now I will give a general description and show pictures of some plants taken during 2001.

The picture above is taken looking to the right side of the garden. The pond can just be seen.

Here is a view of the north facing border in June. The clematis on the wall is Nelly Moser. You can also see Poppy 'Patty's plum', Geranium magnificum and Campion.

A picture of my raised pond on the patio . Troughs containing alpines can also be seen.

My quiet Buddha corner. Not much colour here as I prefer to keep it in shades of green. There is a mirror on a shed wall behind Buddha which reflect the foliage.

The left side of the garden is shown here. The yellow flowers are Lyschmachia punctata, a bit of a thug. The rose flowering on the arch is New Dawn.

March 2001 and here come the first pictures of some plants in the garden.
Prostanthera rotundifolia rosea

This is also known as the Mint bush, flowers in spring and produces an abundance of blooms as seen in the picture. These shrubs are natives of Australia and will only tolerate temperature to 0 C or 32 F so it may mean growing it in a glasshouse or conservatory. The leaves have a lovely mint scent and can be picked and dried for use in pot pourri.

This is Clematis cirrhosa 'Freckles', an amazing plant that flowers for several months starting in December. It seems to withstand even the hardest of frost and this year even snow.

Another great value plant is this Skimmia, there are always berries or flowers. This is the hermaphrodite variety.

This is Doronicum "Little Leo" and provides lovely colour in springtime.

Poppy "Patty's Plum with Campion in the background. June 2001

Clematis Violet Charm, July.

Dicentra scandens scrambling across a willow frame.August.

Bougainvillea in conservatory. August.
Pink Hollyhock.July

Passionflower Herbertiana. The flowers open a lovely pale yellow and gradually turn orange.

Actinus australis. Has a pretty blue flower. This is tender so I keep it in a pot and bring it in for the winter.

Another indoor gem. Passionflower Antiquoensis. This bloomed through last winter in an unheated conservatory.

October 2001. Tibouchina,flowering now under glass..

November 2001. Clematis "Freckles".This had just started to flower and will continue to do so during the Winter.

The Passion flower, Passiflora mollissima , flowering now(December) in an unheated conservatory.


As I have started to take picture of the garden in 2002 for the present I will present them in this section.

Edgeworthia chrysantha. This is a beautiful shrub flowering now and having a wonderful scent.

This is taken at the end of March and illustrates many plants waking after the Winter.

Here are some plants that are fully awake and flowering. The picture was taken on the same day as the one above.
April 2002

April 1st. Clematis macropetala, maybe 'Lagoon', climbing up a contorted willow.
May 2002

Rhodochiton growing in the conservatory.

Part of my front garden 2002
Ensete and other tender plants enjoying Summer outside.

Signs of Autumn; berries of Billardiera longiflora on left, and Dianella caerulea on right.

Two Clematis, Polish spirit and alba luxurians, covering an arch in my garden. In the foreground right is black bamboo while through the arch a glimpse of a pink phlox and the lovely Lily 'Casa blanca' are visible.

Camellia 'Brushfield Yellow'.