Gardening Links

This page includes links to nearly all aspects of gardening and I have to thank John who compiled a great number of those shown and has given permission to use them. I think this shows the true spirit of gardeners. I have not yet visited all the links below but am sure you will find many of interest.

At the start of this list I am including my personal favourites which originally appeared on my home page.

If you come across any other links that could be added please email me.
Also, please let me know if there is any change to your address as it is very difficult to keep up to date.


Some links to my favourite sites.

A Homeowner's Guide to Entomology and House Insects .Here we have a most informative site with knowledge of interest to all age groups.

Internet Garden: This is a good UK gardening site with many links. You can also get access to a magazine called Greenfingers.

Perry's perennial page: All you want to know about perennials and many other plants.

The Alpine Garden You must visit Alan Grainger's site..go and you will see what I mean.

Bloom: Yet another excellent site,with seed swap, tips and information galore.

The Swedish Fuchsia society;I was so pleased to find this site. You want to know anything about fuchsias ..this is the place.

The armchair gardener;Deb has won several awards and it is easy to see why.

Virtual Garden: All kinds of good information at this site including a great page on Zones and a temperature converter.

Traditional Gardens visit and enjoy Richard's wonderful landscaping.

Internet Directory for Botany;A very comprehensive botanical site.

British Gardening On line.A site devoted to all aspects of British gardening. Watch out for that Ladybird!!

Asle Serigstad's garden site:A comprehensive guide to seed germination and related topics.

The Garden launch pad.Looking for links to garden sites? There are more than 1500 here.

Welcome to my gardenSome lovely pictures as you tour the garden during the different seasons.

Magnar's arctic perennial page. A wonderful selection of perennials in this Norwegian garden.

Tom Clothier's garden walk and talkLearn about collecting, sowing and germinating seeds.

Rochester gardening.This site provides a lot of information general and local.

Over the garden gate.A very welcome new site , do pay a vist and drop in for a drink at the Pub.

Garden HumourVisit here and enjoy the humorous side of gardening.

Moosey's Country GardenA wonderful New Zealand garden , and a beautifully designed site.

The Butterfly website.A lovely site with lots of information and pictures of our Butterfly friends.

Butterflies of Ireland: a new site with very good pictures.

The Sensory Garden Project A garden designed specifically to be “Positive About Disabled People”. To stimulate the senses and provide a haven of peace, a place to chill-out and unwind from the stress of modern living.

Bonsai Empire All you need to know about Bonsai.

Irish gardens.

Michael Cambells Irish garden.Oh those Alpines!

The Dillon gardenAll I can say is that this is a wonderful garden.

Fairfield lodgeGo to John's page and see what delights are in store for the visitor.

National Botanic GardensInformation relating to our beautiful Botanic gardens.

Gardening-Ireland There is a lot of features to interest the gardener. The calendar of horticultural events is most helpful.
Terra Nova plants and garden. A lovely garden and one of the few nurseries in Ireland from which one can purchase mail order plants and seeds. A big welcome to a new Irish gardening site.

Dermot O'Neill On-Line Another new Irish site and well worth a visit.


  • The Tele-Garden (robot planting - but now on tour)
  • The Gardens of Lancaster County (Pennsylvania)
  • Mary's Gardens (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
  • Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (UK)
  • Kootenay National Park (Canada)
  • Waterton Lakes National Park (Canada)
  • Jasper National Park (Canada)
  • Banff National Park (Canada)
  • Butchart Gardens (Canada)
  • Devonian Botanic Garden (Canada)
  • Monet's Garden

    I suppose now he is on the lookout for some Catmint..
  • Wildflower Watch (Australia)
  • Gardens of the Golden Horseshoe
  • Missouri Botanic Garden
  • University of Delaware
  • Kanapaha Botanical Gardens - FL
  • University of Washington's Medicinal Herb Garden
  • Georgeson Botanical Garden
  • Australian National Botanic Gardens
  • University of Conneticut
  • The flora of Europe
  • Hypergarden, an installation of virtual garden spaces to relax in.
  • Medieval Herbals at the Vatican
  • A (downloadable) Picture Gallery of Plants and Fruit (from Texas A&M) <
  • Stekkenplek Zwingelspaan - A Cottage Garden in West-Brabant, Netherlands (in Dutch)
  • Boerner Botanical Garden (Milwaukee)
  • Hørsholm Arboretum (Denmark)
  • North Carolina Botanical Garden
  • Earth Celebrations - New York City community gardens
  • GardenGuide
  • Sherry's greenhouse.

    General gardening