If I had to keep just one feature of my garden it would have to be the pond. There is such pleasure in watching life on and under the water.

When I decided to get a pond there was naturally a lot of thought went into siting it. It was important that I could see it from my kitchen. The day came and the hole was dug , a heavy plastic liner put in place and in with the water. The liner was placed on a foundation of sand. I had wanted a waterfall effect so this necessitated a pump to recirculate the water. The pond is roughly kidney shaped with the length about 6ft and the widest point 4 feet. On the west end rocks are built up to a height of about 2ft and it is down this that the water cascades. The picture above shows this part of the pond.

A point to bear in mind when planning the location of the pond is not to have it under any deciduous trees. Falling leaves can be a problem in a small pond because as they decay a lot of mud and silt collects at the bottom .

In the next view almost all the pond is visible. In the paved area I have planted heather as I wanted all year colour. On the extreme right is a large patch of Thyme behind which is the pink Diascia. The top right of the picture shows a sedge , Carex pendula , as it leans over the pond. Ferns can be seen growing through the stones of the *waterfall*.

Below is the white,pink tinged water lily whose name I do not know and the vivid red of Houttuynia lends a splash of colour. Another plant I have got since this picture was taken is the Corkscrew rush (Juncus effusus) this is a real fun plant as the name implies.

I would love to have fish but my efforts at keeping them resulted in providing food for the local heron. However there is so much pleasure to be got from watching the other pond beasties go about their business. Perhaps my favourite is the "Boatman" as it seems to row itself through the water.

UPDATE 25-5-98
I have got two goldfish! I covered the pond with a very fine mesh which I hope is heron proof. Then enter Rusty and Marigold...they were the names chosen by the young daughter of a friend. Both were settling in well until I fell into the pond; not sure who got the biggest fright. We seem to have recovered now!

Well they did not last very long I fear!! I have decided to put a new pond on the patio in the hope that the heron will not venture so near the house .

The deed was done and here is the new pond that was built last autumn(1998).I have three gold fish who at this time , April 1999, are alive and well despite the efforts of Poppy cat to get them. It is interesting that while the original pond is as clear as a bell this pond is very murky. I have put barley straw in it as *they* say this helps to clear the algae. I have oxyginators and have recently added a water lily. I hope to get a few Koi in a week or so.

At first I put a cover on the pond until I felt it may be heron proof, Poppy spend ages sitting and watching..and watching..and....

If you grow Camellias in your garden try putting the dropped flowers on your pond where they look like exotic water lilies and last for a long time.

I took this picture yesterday, March 5th 2002. Froggie sat for the day amidst the spawn ribbiting non stop. It is still there today but silent. This frog is totally unmoved by my presence and I can get very close to it.