For many years I steered clear of Roses thinking they were too much bother and I would lose my middle age pruning , spraying and feeding. But that has changed ( not the age!)and now I am the proud owner of six roses and love them.
These are ; " Leaping Salmon" , " Just Joey" , "Compassion", "Super Star" , "Playgroup" , and "Golden Showers" . I think my favourite is " Compassion"

Addendum.November 1999...I am getting hooked on roses and have added five more. "Zepherin drouhin" "Heritage", "Aloha", "New Dawn" and "Etoile Hollande"!!

There are a lot of Rose sites on the net and the ones I list will lead you to even more , so enjoy.

"Just Joey" is a large-flowered bush rose. The flowers are copper/pink and about 12cms across. The scent is beautiful and the blooms last from summer to early autumn.

"Compassion" what a fabulous rose. A climber with apricot/salmon coloured flowers and a gorgeous scent. It grows to a height of about 3m and blooms during the summer.

"Golden Showers"is another climber grows to a height of 3m. I have it planted against a north facing wall where it does quite well. I find that while the flowers are very pretty they dont last long; but it is here to stay.

"Super Star" is a hybrid tea rose growing on upright vigorous stems to a height of 90cms. The flowers are a pure vermillion and bloom during summer and autumn. There is no noticable scent but the rose is a wonderful colour and so far seems happy in a north facing position.
OH gee here is that lazy cat again I have a horrid feeling he is likely to show up everywhere!


This is one of my new Roses , I fell for it when I saw it in the garden center, and what a scent. I am looking forward to seeing it during the Summer. It is a repeat bloomer and a wonderful colour.

At this time I have not been able to trace pictures of the two other roses in my garden, Leaping salmon and Playgroup;the former is a climber and a really strong plant.The flowers are salmon colour and it blooms during the summer. The latter is a bush rose with buds which show as apricot colour but change as they open becoming pink tinged. It is still flowering in October . I will take photographs of them and add them to the page.

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