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A web resource for all enthusiasts of choral music of every genre

Web Presence

There are three elements to Choral Ireland's presence on the web:
  • An e-mail list
  • An eGroup web archive of e-mail Messages, plus Links, Calendar, Database lists
  • This information site
  • Aims

    Choral Ireland aims to reach out to singers both North and South in choirs - both professional and amateur - of all genres: classical, traditional, oratorio, mediaeval, barbershop, church, modern, a cappella, opera and musicals. It also aims to reach the leaders of these choruses as well as media and all enablers and ennoblers of our choral traditions. This adventure also hopes to inform all enthusiasts of any of these kinds of music, especially about upcoming events.

    Choral Ireland also hopes to be good fun. There's a great collection of fun Links in the Choral Ireland eGroup site, accessible to those registered with eGroups.

    These aims can be achieved by members publicising their upcoming events through the eGroup - see below. They can also be achieved through members involving themselves in the discussions of the eGroup. Another way is for existing members to publicise the eGroup, particularly by encouraging others to subscribe to the e-mail list.

    The challenge here is for Choral Ireland to become a significant and vibrant part of Ireland's choral music scene - and, in the process, to enhance that scene. Can we make this happen?

    eGroup Connection

    This site is connected with the separate Choral Ireland eGroup site. Only the Messages archive for the eGroup is accessible to unregistered visitors. This eGroup archives e-mail Messages previously sent to subscribers. It has additional facilities for a Calendar of upcoming events, Links with many other related sites as well as a Database of contacts and other useful listings.
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    How are we doing?

    e-mail comments are welcome on this site and its eGroup sister site as well as on the concept of Choral Ireland and its further development. eGroup Subscribers can also share their views with the rest of the eGroup via e-mail Messages. Non-subscribers can too, though this requires the 'electronic blessing' of the eGroup moderator as the Messages journey their way through to Choral Ireland.

    Visit the Messages, Links, Calendar or Database page of this site.

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    With the plethora of information sources and sometimes out-of-dateness of some of the content - never mind any errors that anyway creep in - some of the data listed in the various eGroup areas is bound to be inaccurate. No responsibility can be taken for any such errors. You are advised to check out specific information of importance directly. Let me know by e-mail when you spot goofs.
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