Choral Ireland: eGroup Calendar

The eGroup Calendar area can be used to look-up upcoming events. The Calendar area of the eGroup is not visible to non-members. Members can enter a new event and can send a notification and/or up to two reminders (if they really must!) automatically via the eGroup Messages facility. Please add the performance location city - or town, or county - at the end of the event name.

All upcoming events of possible interest to eGroup Members can be put into the Calendar area when Members become aware of them. Notifications and/or reminders should only be set up for events that a Member has a direct involvement in as a chorister or leader, or as an active 'friend' of the particular chorus.

Additions to the Calendar are very welcome.

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With the plethora of information sources and sometimes out-of-dateness of some of the content - never mind any errors that anyway creep in - some of the events listed in the Calendar are bound to be erroneous. No repsonsibility can be taken for any such errors. You are advised to check out individual listings directly. Let me know by e-mail when you spot goofs.