Choral Ireland: eGroup Database

The Choral Ireland eGroup Database area has, amongst other things, an updateable list of choruses of every genre from both North and South. Non-members cannot view the Database area.

Data is missing from many of the lesser known choirs in the listing. New additions can be made by Members, but edits/updates and deletions can only be made by the 'list owner'. One way of coping with the edits/updates aspect of this is simply by adding an extra entry for a choir that is already in the listing. Alternatively, e-mail edits/updates/deletions for later incorporation into the listing. Please feel free to do this even if - for whatever reason - it is inconvenient for you to join the eGroup.

The ultimate aim is to have a complete listing of all active choruses throughout the island with accurate details for contacting each one. Church choirs that do not sing outside the immediate ambit of their church services may not wish to be included in the listings.

Is Your Chorus Listed?

Check out whether your chorus is listed at the Choral Ireland eGroup. You can use the eGroup search facility or scroll through the chorus contact list. If your chorus is listed, is the information complete and up-to-date? If not, please let me know by e-mail.


Publicity is a key part of the marketing of all choral events. This listing attempts to be a comprehensive guide to e-mail and web contacts throughout Ireland which have the potential of winning publicity for upcoming events.


The Database also has a listing of recordings, both old and current, by Irish choruses. Other lists can easily be added in the Database area, if considered appropriate. Might a contact list of soloists, for instance, be useful?

Additions to all the listings in the Database area are very welcome.

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With the plethora of information sources and sometimes out-of-dateness of some of this information - never mind any errors that anyway creep in - some of the records in the Database area are bound to be erroneous. No repsonsibility can be taken for any such errors. You are advised to check out individual listings directly. Let me know by e-mail when you spot goofs.