Lara's Secret Basement



To get to the secret basement where Lara keeps her findings, you must open the door under the right archway in her mansion. First open the mansion door, then go to the maze in the garden. Following the map on the left.

A ) Enter the Maze at point 1
B ) Follow the Maze around to point 2
C ) Jump down, follow the tunnell around and climb up.
You will find yourself in a secret garden. get the flares to your right.
Then hit the switch.

The secret door in the mansion will open but it will close in a few seconds, so you must act fast. Right after pressing the switch do a backward rolling jump, you'll land inside the tunnel facing the right direction. Then start running, try to control your direction in such a way that you don't bump into the walls and lose time. You must follow the red or orange paths in the map, otherwise you wont arrive in time. The orange path is shorter but some people find the red path easier to do, just train both and choose the one you find easier. When you are out of the maze run into the mansion, jumping the obstacles, and enter the (still) open secret door.You can use some flares to take a good look at Lara's treasure cave. To leave the basement press the switch near the door.