The Great Wall

Our journey begins in a valley very near the Great Wall. Enter the water and go to the left of the big rock. A Tiger should appear so get on the rock and kill the Tiger then jump forward to continue down the path. When you reach the gap, pull up, pivot, then jump and grab and pull up.

Kill the Tiger that is approaching then jump the gap and take the path to the Stone Dragon which is also Secret #1. Continue the climb by climbing up twice then pulling up to the ledge. Turn and jump to the left and grab and pull up to get across another gap then pull up again to reach the building.

Enter the guardhouse and drop through the grate in the upper area to fall into the water. Then run forward and jump and pull up to access the switch. Flip the switch and proceed to the Great Wall.

A threesome of crows attack when you reach the top of the wall. Kill them with your guns, taking evasive action if necessary. Proceed to the gap in the wall. The guardhouse on the other side is locked so drop to the water below to obtain the key for the guardhouse. Kill the Tiger who is arriving as you exit the pool. A green section of the ground will get you high enough so you can jump and pull up to the top of the wall. Continue to the guardhouse and open the door

Kill the spiders that swarm out the door then enter. A single spider remains to guard the Rusty Key above that ladder. Kill the spider and take the key and use it on the lock next to the door. Continue forward until you reach a room with a skeleton. Shotgun shells and a medkit are here as well as another swarm of spider plus a big spider coming in from behind. Take out the big one first then finish off the swarm before collecting your items. Pull out the block and slide down the slope to arrive at a pool of water.

Jump in and head left to the wall. Jump up and grab and shimmy to the right avoiding the darts. Swim underwater to the exit and surface in the corner avoiding even more darts. Climb up and exit into the hallway.

This hall has a collapsing floor with spikes beneath. Run across and through the door which shuts behind you. Two boulders start rolling towards you from the left. Turn and run to the right. As the passage narrows, jump the spikes and land on the ramp. Slide down into the wall then jump to the left and get some ammo. Run forward and pull up to the ledge to avoid the spiked walls closing in.

This next hall has more collapsing floors and sharp swinging blades. Run down the hall and jump the blades. As you approach the final blade jump and turn to the left in midair. You should land right next to Secret #2; the Jade Dragon. Pick it up and move into the hall before the spiked walls close in on you. Cross the collapsing floor while staying to the right. The left wall will stop before it can hurt you.

At the end of the hall, stop at the top of the ramp and turn so you can slide down backwards. Hang from the bottom and drop then jump to the right to land on another collapsing floor which you fall through as more spikes close in above. Enter the cavern and continue forward. Take the medkit then head to the left and run past the blades.

There is a rope slide and lots of spiders in this next room. Kill all of the spiders then go get Secret #3 which is located below the rope slide. To get the Gold Dragon you need to look down into the canyon and locate the tan rock with the moss. Stand above the tan rock and with your back to the canyon, drop off, hang then drop. Jump and grab the ledge and shimmy right until you can pull up. Continue along the path and collect some flares along the way. Take the ladder down and continue until you reach the canyon floor.

Those tremors you should now be feeling are the early warning signs of an advancing T-Rex. Return to the hall and kill the T-Rex from the safety of the passage. When he is dead, you can cross the canyon and get the Gold Dragon. This causes a second T-Rex to appear so kill him then make your way back to the top of the canyon. Use the rope to slide across the canyon and land on the ledge on the opposite side. Kill the 2 Tigers which are waiting for you, then proceed to the exit.




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