The Deck

You start this level under immediate attack from a Flamethrower and a workmen to the right. Take care of them quickly then continue around to the right and add the Grenade Launcher to your arsenal. Now head back to where you started and dive in the water to the right. Exit on the left landing to avoid the circling barracuda and kill them from their. Then proceed across the ledges to your left to obtain the Stern Key.

Jump back in and facing the hull, turn left and head down to the opening in the rocks. Enter then head right and finally left before going up to the hole. Exit the water firing at the approaching workman. The giant propeller is blocking your exit so keep going until you find and kill another Flamethrower standing by a trapdoor. There is a dead end below so head for that stack of crates. Push the first one then climb on top and push the top box. Drop down and pull the first box then go behind it and push it over to the ledge where the Flamethrower was. Now you can go and move a third box to reveal a door. Use the Stern Key.

Enter then swim down and head for the switch on the right wall. Use it to open the dead end from the previous paragraph Return to the trapdoor and flip the switch to drain the room behind the Stern Key door. You will need to kill another boss along the way. Now you can move the box to find the passage leading past the propeller.

You should arrive at the raft so jump in the water and head left and exit quickly to dispatch another workman on shore before dealing with two more frogmen in the water. Facing the raft, you can jump in and swim down and to the left to find Secret #1; the Stone Dragon hidden in the plants by the rocks.

Take the statue then turn around and head left around the rocks to the tunnel. Watch out for the approaching Barracuda and kill him from the safety of dry land. Continue down the tunnel, ignoring the left fork, and get the medkit by the hole in the floor and use it to totally heal yourself. Hang from the lowest end of the ledge to reduce your damage before dropping into the hole and land on the box. Take the Cabin Key and go on a shark hunt.

Kill the first two sharks then kill a third shark who is lurking over by where you got the dragon statue. Now return to the tunnel and this time take the left fork. Continue up the winding passage until you reach the upper deck. Explore the area a bit before dropping down to the deck by the pool and kill the Flamethrower and a few friends before approaching the strange looking panel on the wall of the pool. A frogman swims out as you approach so kill him then take Secret #2; the Gold Dragon that he was guarding.

Some Uzi and M-16 ammo is partially hidden by those boxes near the pool. Scarf it all up then head over to where you can see the area where you found the Grenade Launcher earlier. Do a running jump to the flat ledge then do another running jump to grab and pull up to the walkway. Continue forward and do another running jump to the orange sloped surface. Head right until you can see the stacked boxes below you. Hang here and drop then grab immediately so you can shimmy left and pull up. Now do a running jump in the crack in the wall.

Continue down the tunnel jumping across the platforms. Take care of the workmen who would try and stop you. Exit the cave and do a running jump to grab and pull up to the roof. Head across the roof and to the left and jump over the alley to find and enter the trapdoor. Kill the workman and load up on ammo. Head for the door which will open automatically and pull the box to reveal a switch. Flip it to open a door on the upper deck. Go out and up and to the right to the door you just opened to find M-16 ammo and the lock which happens to match your Cabin Key.

Fall through the collapsing floor and press the button you find there to open the final door on the upper deck. Follow the cave to the hole in the floor and retrieve the Storage Shed Key. Now you can go to the Storage Shed which is by the propeller. As you head back along the walkway by the orange sloped surface Secret #3; the Jade Dragon waits for you in a small cave. Jump to the left of the cave entrance then shimmy right until you can pull up and take your prize. Watch for the glass when you leave. Jump over the glass and get ready for a big fight when you land.

Two Flamethrower guys are guarding the Storage Shed. Take care of these deadly enemies quickly (I recommend the M-16) then open the shed with your key to claim the first Artifact of the game - the Seraph.



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