Tibetan Foothills

Follow the trail at the start of this level. Take care of the Eagle as you proceed down the trail and down the slope to a large area with even larger snow boulders ready to crush you. Jump past the first ones then run to the left passage to avoid the rest. Jump through the ice then as you hit the icy slope, jump again to land on the path to the right. Follow the path to a large canyon with a hut and a snowmobile. Kill the attacking eagle before proceeding.

Turn and hang down and drop to start sliding down a slope. Grab again so you hang from the bottom edge then drop again to the cave entrance. If you miss the ledge you can always try again by climbing the ladder then jumping back to the slope to slide and repeat the grab and drop. Follow the cave until you can jump in the pool and cross over. As you exit the water all those sharp icicles will fall on you. Drop back into the water to avoid them before climbing out onto the textured surface and up to a hole in the wall.

Take the left passage from here until you arrive back outside where you can do a running jump to the next ledge followed by another running jump to the ledge by the hut. Nab the medkit then climb up the cliff to the hut. Kill the two mercenaries who are guarding the snowmobile then go get Secret #1; the Stone Dragon from the ledge to the right of the cave entrance.

Now you can proceed down the passage and kill any enemies you encounter. When you arrive in the open area with the ramps you need to perform a series of jump until you are ready to enter the cave with the large stone blocking the way. Jump over the wall on the first ramp. When you reach the long ramp leading towards the wall, you will want to kill the leopards lurking to the left. Jump the gap and hop on the snowmobile and jump it across staying to the left. Another jump should take you to a fork in the trail where you can park and proceed on foot.

Head to the right and grab the grenades before climbing the ladder to flip a switch which opens the gate up ahead. Kill some more mercenaries before getting back on the snowmobile and heading through the gate you just opened killing another mercenary along the way. Leave the snowmobile behind in the large cave, and kill two more advancing mercenaries.

Head out onto the ledge and do a running jump over to the ledge on the right to obtain Secret #2; the Jade Dragon, then return to the snowmobile. Two leopards will be milling around the area so kill them before making the big jump. Continue left while avoiding more of those giant snowballs until you reach a cave. Dismount and enter the cave.

A short exploration of the caves reveals a passage to the left as well as a switch by a gate and a ladder. The ladder is what's important now, so return outside and head for the ladder. Jump over it then grab the ledge as you slide back down. Now climb down to the cave and get the Drawbridge Key and continue on until you reach the ice walls. Kill the mercenary behind the ice then head for the hole to get some grenades and kill three leopards. Return to the ladder area by doing a running jump then a grab and pull up to get back to the snowmobile.

Now you can use the key to lower the bridge so you can ride over to the warning sign. Dislodge all those giant snowballs before attempting to ride across this area. At the bottom of the avalanche is the Hut Key which is guarded by a mercenary riding a snowmobile equipped with machine guns - not a factory option! Kill him from relative safety of the area to the left of the key. You can take his snowmobile when he is dead but it won't make the jump you need to make on your way back so you may as well leave it behind. Take the Hut Key and begin the long trek back to the hut.

Back at the hut, enter to find the M-16, ammo for the Uzi and some medkits. Flip the switch then dash for the door to kill the advancing enemy. Keep above the enemy and pick them off one at a time. When the battle is over you should have a new snowmobile complete with machine guns. A nearby ladder leads down to Secret #3; the Gold Dragon. Avoid the rolling snowball by jumping left before claiming your prize. Climb back up and get on your new snowmobile.

Two more guys on snowmobiles are waiting up ahead. Let them come to you and take them on one at a time. When they are dead, continue to the other end of the valley and push the stone to continue. At the edge of the abyss you can shoot the guy below to your right. Now ride your snowmobile right off the cliff and watch as Lara leaps to safety as the snowmobile is consumed in a fireball below. Pull up onto the ledge and take the trail to exit this level...



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