Barkhang Monastery

A gang of mercenaries greets you as you arrive at the Monastery. Start fighting them best you can until a Priest and two Monks arrive. Monks hate mercenaries and will fight them whenever they see each other. Monks will not attack Lara unless she attacks them first, so watch out for "friendly fire". When all the "enemies" are dead you can climb the ladder across from the double doors. Watch out for the birds who attack while you climb then jump to the ledge to the right and finally jump to a slope to slide down to grab the crank. 

Drop and hang then drop and grab the ledge below to shimmy left and enter the Monastery through the window. A Monk should pass by to your left so follow him until you reach the locked door to the Strongroom. A mercenary should break through a nearby window so grab the grenades from the ledge outside then return to the hall and head for the door on the left. 

If you haven't already kill the mercenary then he should be following you, so lead him past the Monk and let him do your dirty work. Now you can climb the ladder to the walkway above the Monastery's main room where you will find the Main Hall Key being guarded by a Monk. Walk around the walkway then follow the path past the rolling boulders. 

Find the box where the second boulder came to rest and push it. Then go to the pool and jump in. The current is strong and you will be pulled to the bottom so find the underwater tunnel to escape the current. Follow the tunnel until you take a tremendous plunge into a pool and darkness. Use a flare to light the passage and begin the dangerous journey past the deadly doors. These doors are similar to the swordsmen guards back in Bartoli's Hideout. Inch up as close as you can get then run past them. 

When you reach the ladder you can climb to the room above and team up with a Monk to kick some butt. Move the boxes to reveal the exit then take Prayer Wheel #1 from the dark area. Taking the wheel trips the burners so hug the right wall and jump from the where you tool the wheel to the edge closest to the first burners. One more jump should take you over the second row then you can return back to the Main Hall and use that key. 

Past the door is a Priest and two more Monks. They will assist you in combat if you lead them over to the railing. Enter the door on the right and continue through the room to the passage on the other side to the left. Do a running jump over some blades then head down a long hall and enter the left door to acquire the Strongroom Key from a Monk. 

Return to the Strongroom and obtain the Rooftop Key. Now return to the hall where you first saw the Monk after coming in through the window. This time take the door on the right to enter a room with a locked door which just happens to fit your new key exactly. Hug the left wall to get safely past the rolling blades and continue to the next passage. 

Behind the gold statue is a switch to turn off the burners in the upcoming hall. Flip the switch and make a run for the door on the left about halfway down the hall. Enter the room, running past two Monks and climb up the ladder. The Monks will take care of the mercenaries but feel free to help if you want. Head for the courtyard to find and flip another switch which opens a pair of trapdoors. Break the glass to obtain the Gemstones needed to open some upcoming doors. 

Around the corner is a switch so use it and then use a Gemstone between the gold statues to open a door. Enter and pull the box two times to get Prayer Wheel #2. Now return to the area where you got the Strongroom Key and climb the ladder. Do a running jump to pull up onto the hand of the statue then you can climb to the higher hand and finally do a running jump to the statue's head. Go across the head to reach the next hand so you can use a Gemstone in the socket up above to open a trapdoor below. 

Before you jump into the trapdoor, head for the hall by the base of the statue and circle around and jump to the ramp and pull up to get Secret #1; the Gold Dragon which is waiting behind the statue. Back in the hall you should pass another Monk on your way to the room on the right. Pull the box to the left out and put in between the barrels. Now you can move the next box to get the ammo out from under it. Now you can push the next box so you can get behind it and push it next to the door. 

Now move the boxes so that one is in front of the door and the other is next to the stack of boxes. This should allow you to pull the top box out to reveal some harpoons. Return to the hall and head right to pass by three Monks on your way to the room on your left. The room is filled with water which needs to be drained before proceeding. 

Before you drain the room you will want to get Secret #2; the Stone Dragon. Swim to the far side of the room and into the small opening past the ladder to obtain the statue. Now you can return to the previous room with the trapdoor you opened earlier. Drop down and follow the passage until you find a switch. Flip it to open a door then enter that room and push the box to drain the room you just got the dragon from. With the water drained you are unable to reach the opening which previously housed the dragon, but you can push the box on the ledge to obtain Prayer Wheel #3. 

Now you can head for the passage leading from the room at the end of the large hall. Take care of the mercenaries then get ready for a truly evil puzzle. Head for the burner which extinguishes as you approach. Jump and dive over the burner and into the tunnel beyond avoiding the deadly spikes swinging back and forth. Turn and climb up to the ledge and wait for the blades to roll past to the left then jump over the hole. The next burner should turn off and you can run to the next passage. Climb up to the right ledge to spot the door with the rolling blades between it and you. 

Do a timed run into the door and obtain the Trapdoor Key then return to the hall with the rolling blades. Dodge the blades as you make your way to a small passage on your left and trigger a blade trap. Make your way past both of the deadly blade traps to obtain Secret #3; the Jade Dragon before returning to the room where you obtained the last key. 

You should now be back in the room you drained earlier so use the Trapdoor Key to open and enter. Climb up to find a switch which opens the double doors back near the statue and lets in some mercenaries. Outside, you need to follow the trail until you find the ladder behind the rocks to the left. Climb up and head for the bridge shooting the eagle coming in from behind and the mercenary up ahead. Kill some crows after you go across the bridge then make your way to the top of the building by using the well spaced ledges. Enter to obtain Prayer Wheel #4. 

Now Lara needs to get back to the room where you obtained all the ammo by moving the boxes. You will pass by those double doors you opening a few minute ago so watch out for the mercenaries you let in. You may get some assistance from the nearby Monks during this fight. Enter the room with the boxes and take the passage. Grab when you start to fall in the trapdoor and you will catch onto a ladder. Climb up and continue down the passage taking a right then a left then head up the stairs towards the window. 

Mercenaries swarm in behind you so leap out of the window. Another Priest and two more Monks are down below so flip the switch on the wall to open the door. The Priest and Monks will go fight the mercenaries. Go help them out as they are seriously outnumbered. When everyone is dead you can then climb the ladders up to Prayer Wheel #5. 

Now that you have all five of the Prayer Wheels you can return to the statue room and go to the room on the left. Use the Prayer Wheels on the sides of the large double door to open a small door to a ramp which leads to the area where you can use the Seraph to open the final door and exit this level. 



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