Catacombs of the Talion

Head to the side of the stairs and grab the crack in the left wall and shimmy right until you can pull up to obtain Secret #1; the Stone Dragon and some flares. Climb down the ladder and kill your first Yeti then flip the switch to open the door above. Climb back up the ladder and slide then backflip to the ledge and kill the leopard.

Kill a pair of mercenaries as you head down the stairs and more leopards attack as you explore the area. Grab the medkit after you go through the open door. Your next quest is sitting in that cage up above so run up the slope to trigger the snowballs. Dodge them as you make your way to the ledge on the right then run across the floor which crumbles beneath you and climb the ladder above the deadly spikes. Climb to the top and backflip over to the switch which raises the cage and lets you take the Mask. The pool will now drain and the floor opens up.

Go back down and jump the pit with the spikes and use the Mask next to the gate. As soon as you arrive on the next slope, more snowballs start rolling towards you. Climb onto the left wall to avoid the snowballs. Four leopards will now arrive to add to your excitement. There are more snowballs waiting to crush you should you decide to return to the slope. Find the ladder which is to the right of the snowballs starting position and climb it to reach a ledge with some grenades. You will need another Mask to continue up here so instead return to the crack in the wall.

Four leopards surround you when you venture into the area past the crack. Continue towards the glacier where more leopards challenge you. Climb the rocks to the left to discover a pool in which the second Mask lies. Mercenaries will be waiting for you as you make your way back to the ledge where you obtained the grenades. Use the Mask and enter.

Four yeti are locked up in this room - that is until you flip the switch on the wall which turns on the lights and opens the cages. These guys take a lot of ammo so just keep plugging them with everything you've got. Use the stairs to your strategic advantage. When they are all dead you can use the block to keep the bars open over by the switch. Flip the switch and grab the grenades from the hall before returning to the crack in the wall. More mercenaries are waiting.

Head through the open door as more snowballs roll toward you. Make your way to the safe zone over to the left of the rope bridge and the snowballs will roll past. Now you can continue up and do a running jump to grab onto the ladder and climb to the top of the glacier. Dive into the pool below and exit to the shore to avoid the barracuda and frostbite. Continue into the next room and head left.

When you are standing on a ledge and getting ready to jump to the next turn and find the ladder. Climb up and go right to drop onto a sliding ledge. Do a double jump to land on a flat ledge where you can obtain Secret #2; the Jade Dragon. Jump to grab the ladder to return to the mission at hand. Continue across the pool and climb up the block near the door. Do a running jump to grab the bottom of the ladder and climb to the top where you can jump back to land on a ledge with a switch. Flip it to open the door below then return to the ground and enter the door.

Dodge and attack the leopard which pounces from the left. When he is dead you can flip the switch to open the doors back where you used the first Mask. Now you need to go all the way back to those doors and enter. After you enter, do a running jump over the pit and kill the leopards before you drop down to their former location. Flip the switch you find here to open the doors and kill the last leopard when he arrives. Grab the items from the corner before you head back up.

More snowballs lie ahead. Jump forward to send them rolling your way. Jump back then forward again to land on the other side of this minor trap. Another slope and more snowballs, but this time after you trigger them they will break through the door at the bottom allowing you to enter. Stand on the left floor panel to open a door and carefully enter this room.

This room is full of spikes so WALK when you enter. Right after you enter turn to the left and climb the textured wall surface to reach the ledge above which has Secret #3; the Gold Dragon. Return to the floor and walk towards the door leading to the previous room. When it opens you need to jump through and land on the ramp. Jump forward over the snowballs to trigger a floor panel which opens the door to the exit. Immediately jump back and do a reverse roll and jump back into the room with the spikes. Make your way to the exit door then do a running jump to reach the ladder which you can them climb down and enter the tunnel which leaves this level...



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