Ice Palace

Shoot the bell to open the door which leads to several Yeti in cages. The floor has several springboards which will catapult Lara towards the ceiling. The small springboard over to the right will launch Lara up to a ledge where you can obtain a medkit. Return to the floor and line up with the springboard and the bell opening in the ceiling. Start shooting as you leave the ground and hit the bell in midair top open one of the nearby gates. When you land, you can grab the ledge to stop your slide.

Now run towards the open gate and hit the larger springboard. Grab in midair to hang onto the ledge where you can pull up and grab the Uzi ammo before flipping the switch. This frees the Yeti which you can dispose of before continuing. A hole should be accessible now that the cages are down. Inside you can get a medkit and kill another Yeti before flipping the nearby switch. In the narrow cage, find and pull the moveable block out then push it to once side. Secret #1; the Gold Dragon sits on a pillar if you have the nerve to take it. Don't bother trying to jump over to it - a handy invisible bridge is already there. All you have to do is walk over and take it.

Return to the main cage room to find a new ledge which the last switch created. A small springboard below will shoot you to the ledge so you can grab on and pull up. Another bell is up here and you need to jump and shoot it to open the remaining gate. Return to the main floor by sliding down the ledge and hanging before you drop to avoid taking damage. Go through the two open gates and spot the next springboard and the ledge above.

Head to the left so you can line up your approach to the springboard with the ledge. When you launch you can grab the ledge and pull up and backflip over to a sliding ledge. Continue to jump as Lara jumps back and forth between the two sloped ledges. Now make Lara jump to the right and continue jumping until you see another bell. Shoot the bell then start jumping to the left to return back to the flat area to the left.

to the locked door to find it is now open. Head up the ladder and get off on your left to do a running jump over to the walkway. Kill the Yeti that attacks from the left then take the flares and continue until you reach some tigers. Kill them then light a flare to locate Secret #2; the Stone Dragon, which is hiding in the darkness. You can jump over the ramp to get it. Follow the ramp to the locked door on the right and head down the cave. Take the medkit on the left and follow the tunnel killing some more tigers before you finally obtain the Mask. Return back to the previously locked door to find it is now open. Continue along the path and kill the Yeti when you drop down. Another Yeti waits for you below and you must shoot him through one of the holes.

Spikes line the floor over in the dark area so head over to the opposite end of the room and grab the medkit. Now you need to examine the beams for one with a different texture. When you find it, you need to hang and drop down into the center of that hole. Light a flare to reveal a medkit and some ammo and there's even a place for your Mask over by the window, outside on the ledge. With the Mask in place, head off to the right to find the door that just opened in the dark area.

Head across the bridge and take the flares on your way up to the ledge with the switch. Flip the switch to melt the ice and uncover the Gong Hammer. As you head towards the pool, two tigers attack. Kill them then go get the shells by the glacier and the Uzi clips from the pool. Taking the hammer will release the barracuda so swim past it and into the next room where you can kill another Yeti then return to take the Gong Hammer.

Return to the area where you previously killed the three Yeti and kill a forth one approaching from the left. You can disarm the icicle by the door by pulling up and dropping down from the side of the ramp. Kill another Yeti beyond that door and take the Grenade Launcher if needed. Now you can head down the right passage to the Ice Palace.

There are some more snowballs beyond the opening ahead. The first two waves will roll past as you near the opening but you will need to jump back to avoid the third set after you trigger it. Go through the opening and head off to the left as more snowballs coming rolling toward you. Over to the right is a block which you can jump to and avoid the snowballs.

Continue to a steep slope then slide down backwards so you can grab the edge and shimmy to the left until you are lined up with a ledge behind you. Pull up and jump back to land on the ledge then proceed to the next obstacle. The wall of ice can be climbed so get a running start and jump and grab on then climb up to the cave above. Slide down the steep slope which leads to the Palace. Make sure to hang before you drop to reduce the damage from the fall. The Gong awaits so get out your Gong Hammer and give it your best shot.

The Palace doors should now be open, but before you enter, go get Secret #3; the Jade Dragon. Head to the left of the Ice Palace and find the ladder. Climb down and head left. You'll want to light a flare to see where you are going. Continue down to the second ledge and flip the switch to open the hut which is just outside the Ice Palace. Climb back up the ladder and return to the hut to get the final secret for this level.

You can now enter the Ice Palace and claim the big prize for this level - the Talion. Of course every big prize has equally dangerous consequences and this one comes in the form of the Guardian of the Talion; a giant wingless Eagle creature who appears after you have claimed the Talion and try to leave the Palace.

This guy is pretty hard to kill. A dozen grenades should do the job nicely if you have that many and can aim them well. You can also use the hut for shelter if you need to heal yourself or something. If you are feeling "lucky" there are Uzi clips and a medkit inside the Guardian's cave. Once the Guardian is dead your adventure continues....



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