Temple of Xian

After you jump over the swinging blade you will find yourself sliding down a slope towards a waterfall. As you slide you need to jump and turn so you land and continue to slide backwards. Grab the ledge as you fall then shimmy to the left and pull up to claim Secret #1; the Gold Dragon. Don't ask me how you would have figured that out on your own.

Now you can jump, dive or drop into the pool below. Eliminate the fish before you begin your exploration of the area. A medkit waits for you in a short underwater passage - everything else must wait. Exit the water over by the Temple Doors and claim the shells on the left then go on a Tiger hunt as two of them are waiting to jump you over by the stairs.

Head up the stairs and use the springboard to launch yourself to the room of the temple. Go flip the switch on the other side of the roof to open a trapdoor above the ladder and summon an Eagle. Kill the Eagle as you head for the trapdoor. Make sure to hang and drop when leaving the roof to avoid unnecessary damage. Now you can climb the ladder and kill that Spider before he gets too close.

Enter the large room and take the ladder down. At the bottom, drop and grab to cling to the ledge. Pull up and look down to see Secret #2; the Stone Dragon. Find and use the crack in the wall to shimmy right to get the dragon, then shimmy back to continue the adventure. Kill another spider as you near the red liquid then jump to the ladder and climb up. You should soon arrive in a room with a pit full of spikes.

Go to the wall opposite the pit and climb up and over to the right. When you are against the right wall do a backflip to land on a ramp then jump immediately to land on top of the wall. Continue along the top of the wall until you can see the plank on the other side. It's going to break away when you hit it so make sure to be standing on the portion furthest from the wall when it does. Grab some shells from the block below then do a running jump from the left of that block to land on a sliding slope. Jump again before you hit the spikes to land on another ramp then jump again and turn to the right to land on another slope which you can slide down to safety. Grab those grenades while your here then climb up the large block and then onto the second before grabbing the ledge above. Now shimmy along that ledge to the left until you can pull up and flip the switch to open the main Temple Doors. The nearby path should lead you back to the waterfall and the doors you just opened.

Only four of the eight statues in this room will attack and those are on proximity triggers so if you keep your distance you won't have to mess with them. Grab the M-16 ammo and head for the open door. You should now be on a ledge overlooking the room below with the red liquid. Do a running jump and land on the first ledge and slide forward, jumping when you reach the bottom to land on the next ramp. Slide and jump again then two more jumps to grab onto the ledge and pull up. Now you can climb the blocks and continue around the top of the room doing one last running jump to grab and pull up to reach the exit.

Continue down the short hall towards the switch. A trapdoor will open and you will fall in. After you get back up, immediately start running toward the switch as the walls start to close in. Flip the switch to open the door behind you then do a reverse roll and head for the door before the spiked wall gets you.

Continue down the passage until the first red rock comes rolling towards you. A quick jump back then to the left will send it rolling harmlessly past you. The second rock is triggered when you near the top left corner of the ramp. The third blocks your way to the ladder so you need to trigger it then avoid it before continuing up the ladder. At the top of the ladder is a very dark room so light a flare to check it out.

Flip the switch to the right of the exit then reverse roll to kill the tiger which is pounces from behind. Climb up into the open passage and head towards the blades. Face away from the blades and go to the far left then drop and grab then drop again to land out of striking range of the blades. More rolling blades block your way to the exit in the opposite corner so wait for them to leave you a gap then make a run for door.

You should now be up in some rafters and two Eagles aren't happy about that. Kill them then head for the button on the left wall. Pushing the button opens the doors at the opposite end - but only for a short time so you need to push the button then do a reverse roll then do a flawless series of running jumps across the rafters to get inside before the door slams shut.

This next trap isn't too bad if you take your time. Simply follow the passage while staying on one side and watch the shadows of the swinging spikes. Get the timing down and it's pretty easy. When you reach the other side you will be in a new hall with buttons on either side. Press the right button which raises the floor then jump left and push that button which opens the door. Start running to the right into the hall and keep on running as the floor collapses. When you enter the next area a red metal ball drops down behind you so keep on running to the end of the walkway and jump to grab and pull up to the ledge. On the platform beneath the statue is the Dragon Seal which opens the door back in the first room of this temple.

Now you can jump to the ledge to the right and climb the blocks to get some ammo and kill another spider hiding in the dark room. You should find some more ammo and a switch, which creates a bridge across that red liquid. Exit this area by going to the other side of the statue's head. Jump across the series of ledges above the red liquid then do a running jump to the sloped ledge in the center of the room. Jump and grab to hang from the block then pull up and slide down the other side and jump to the flat pillar. From here you can do another running jump to grab the ledge to the right near the wall. Pull up then do a running jump to the ledge next to the springboard.

Move to the center of the platform you are standing on and jump to the springboard to launch yourself to the high platform on the side of the tall structure. A boulder starts heading your way as you land so jump back and grab the edge of the platform so the boulder rolls harmlessly overhead. Now you can make the climb to the top of the structure by going from platform to platform. When another boulder comes headed your way just run to the white bricks and wait for it to pass.

From the white bricks, slide down and land on the springboard to launch up to the ledge in the rafters. Do a running jump to grab and pull up to the next ledge which has Secret #3; the Jade Dragon. Simply jump back to the structure from this ledge to resume the mission at hand.

Climb up to the platform where an Eagle attacks. Kill it, then jump and pull up to the next level then do a running jump to put yourself just one standing jump from the door. Pull the box out two times and continue to the next room where you can flip the switch to open the trapdoor and drop down to a long slope. The red metal ball from earlier is now chasing you so head down and turn left until you reach the slide. The ball stops but you don't as you slide down to the rafters above that first temple room. Below are some tigers, so kill them all before you drop down to use your Dragon Seal.

Follow the passage past this door avoiding the rolling blade until you arrive at a slide which deposits you in a room with some switches. Only the green switches matter and all three need to be flipped to open the door before the spiked ceiling impales you. Continue on across the platforms until you reach the ledge above the pool with the fish. Kill them from up here before you dive in.

Flip the underwater switch to raise the water level then head to the surface and enter the tunnel which was previously out or reach. Leave the lever on the left alone and continue down the right passage. You can take the medkit if you want, but unless you are an expert at swimming you will have to return to the surface and catch your breath before coming back. Since you probably already have several medkits, leave this one alone and continue down the tunnel until you can pull the lever. Swim back out and fill your lungs before swimming back to the tunnel and go through the open door to find and pull another level which opens a door back out in the main pool. Refill those lungs once more then dive down and go through the door you just opened and pull that lever. This opens the door above, behind which are M-16 clips and two boxes of shells.

Wade into the next room and flip the switch. Keep ahead of the moving spiked wall and fall through the trapdoor. The current should take you right to the Gold Key and the gate should open as you near it. You should end up back in the starting room at the base of the falls. The key you just obtained fits the lock at the top of the ladder in this room and opens the underwater gate also in this area.

Once the gate is open, continue down this passage heading right then take the right branch of the fork. Swim through the grating and head for the left wall. The lever you seek is behind the second pillar so pull it to open the exit to this area and clear the path to the Silver Key. A Fighting Fish should be attacking now (or very soon). Kill him but don't waste too much air as you can always out-swim him. Continue around the pillar to find the exit and head that way. When you reach the fork, take the other passage this time and swim up into the door you just opened and into the cave. Climb onto the ledge and if you haven't done so already - kill that fish!

This area is infested with spiders so eliminate all you encounter. Some Uzi clips are near that giant spider web, as are more spiders. When you reach the large cave there are even more giant spiders to deal with. Kill them all then start making your way up the ledges until you can do a running jump to the pillar in the center of the cave. Now you can do another running jump to grab and pull up to the pillar by the door. Jump and grab and pull up to the passage and follow it to the next area. From that end of the passage, do a running jump and grab and pull up to the pillar in the center of the rocks. The Silver Key rests on the tallest rock. Get the key then return to the water and swim back to the main Temple doors. You key opens the only remaining door in this area.

Continue through this last door an jump and pull up to continue up the slope. Dodge the red balls as they roll down the slope. When you reach the top, get the ammo then head left and cross the bridge killing a Tiger and an Eagle along the way. A second Tiger waits on the other side of the bridge so kill him before climbing up onto the sloped pillar. Jump back onto the next taller ledge and a fork in the path. Take the path with the rolling blade by doing a double jump as the blade starts heading for the opposite end of the platform above. Then go left and slide down the slope backwards so you can grab on as you fall off. Get on the ladder and climb down to the next ledge and hang and drop down to the next one to get some Uzi clips before dropping through the nearby hole to return to the front of the Temple.

Return to the fork and get past the rolling blade once more and head for the room with a bridge and another rolling blade. Get some Uzi clips and the medkit then run across the bridge with the blade in hot pursuit. Head towards the button on the left once you get across to avoid the blade. Press the button to open a door at the end of the passage you haven't been to yet leading from the fork. Now get the timing down on the rolling blade and make another run across the bridge, through the room and back to the fork and take the other direction.

This passage has a some springboards which must be done in a certain sequence. Stand with your back to the first and do a backflip onto it to launch up to the rest of the springboards. When the ride is over you need to kill another Eagle before jumping and pulling up to the ledge in front of you. The doors should be open so enter.

Continue until you can jump to the square ledge near the lock. Jump to the left box then quickly climb up the ladder as the spiked wall closes in. Drop down to the ledge on the right then start running and jump from the ledge over to the ladder and climb up to avoid another spiked wall. Continue until you find a switch which opens one of the gratings you walked past only moments ago. Return to the opening to see the Main Chamber Key resting on top of a pillar. Get the key then begin a somewhat fun slide down the curving slope around this pillar to the floor.

Continue on to end up on a pillar near the door you opened with the button earlier. Jump over to the lock and use the key which will raise a metal grating next to a pillar. Turn and do a running jump and grab and pull up to go in that direction. Climb the ladder and exit towards the spikes on the right. Jump over the spikes and keep climbing the ladder and ignore the switch on the right. You should now be back in the area where you found the Main Chamber Key. A second grating is now open and there is a second and taller pillar you need to reach, so go through the open grate and head left to do a running jump and grab and pull up to get on the ledge. You'll reach a slope that sends you sliding toward the pillar with the serpent so jump as you begin to slide to reach the pillar. After a short slide down the serpent you will reach a flat area next to a ladder.

Climb the ladder until you reach the blade then do a jump back to the sloped surface then forward again to regain another ladder above the blade. Climb this until you reach another blade. A ladder is behind you this time so you need to jump back and twist in midair and grab onto the new ladder. Continue the climb and make a short sideways jog to the right to finish the trip to the top where you can finally exit this level...



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