Floating Islands

This is it - the final level of the game. The enemies get tougher so load your weapons and let's get started. You are greeted by a Warrior who is flying in from the right. Warriors are very dangerous when they get close enough to fight you, but the catch is they are super-slow in getting close to you. Use this to your advantage and kill them before they ever get close enough to fight. In fact, you can usually use your pistols to kill these slow moving targets and save your bigger and better ammo for those who deserve it.

Kill the Warrior then get the medkit over to the left then head for the other end of the island. The first of two Mystic Plaques you need to advance is below you on another small island. Step back and do a running jump to the slope on the next island. When you land you will slide forward so go about halfway down the slope then jump again to reach the next slope and follow up with another jump to the next island. Grab onto the edge of the opening by the large gold structure and pull up to find a switch which opens a trapdoor on another island.

Continue along the hall and slide down the ramp, jumping from the bottom to land on another slope on the next island with that trapdoor you just opened. Three Xian Guards are on duty. The first attacks when you arrive. It's best to only have to fight these guys one at a time so try not to wake up the next one until the first is dead. These guys are fast and deadly so kill them quick and dodge their attacks. The second guard wake up when you advance towards the front of the island.

Jump and pull up through the trapdoor to wake the third guard below when you step on the raised platform inside. You can try to kill him through the trap door but it may take awhile. Get the first Mystic Plaque, some flares, Uzi clips and a medkit before dropping back down to finish off the last guard (if you already didn't). Now look for a flat rock over by the tree. Jump and pull up to the roof to get Secret #1; the Jade Dragon. Head for the other side of the island opposite where you arrived and do a hang, drop and grab to reach the ledge below which has a switch that opens the exit.

Do a running jump to the exit then another running jump to the next island. Head to the other end of that island and jump to the left to reach the rocks above. You should be able to see an island that resembles some stairs so head off in that direction and do a running jump to grab and pull up. Pull up two more times to reach the first step then climb all the steps to the top. Head right and do another running jump to another stairway. Turn and go up the stairs killing the Warrior you meet about halfway up. His friend comes to life when you reach the top of the steps so kill him too.

When the steps end head to the left above the door and jump to the first slope you landed on when you jumped from the first island. This time do a running jump and slide and grab to hang from the bottom of the slope. Drop to the ledge below then do a running jump to reach the island with the second Mystic Plaque. Another running jump should having you grabbing on to the right of the crest on the nearby island where you can do another jump to the large island where you obtained the other Plaque. Continue back to the foot of the green stairs by the door where you use the two Plaques.

You need to jump to the platform in front of the doors you open with the Plaques. You start this jump from a sloped ledge with a tricky "take off" point. As you do the running jump and grab manuever you've done hundreds of times before, make sure you are angled to the left otherwise you will run right off the ledge and into oblivion. When you do land in front of the doors, grab the Uzi ammo and use the Plaques and enter the door.

A Warrior approaches from below and to the left. Take evasive action as necessary and pelt this guy with pistol fire until he dies. You should be able to spot Secret #2; the Stone Dragon from the bridge. It is on the left in a small opening behind the tree on the other side of the bridge. If you stand with your back to that opening then step to the left as far as you can then step back as far as you can then jump backwards you will land in the tunnel that takes you to your prize. Getting back out of here is just as tough. Stand on the flat surface to the right of the opening and with your back to the wall and jump to land just above the sloped surface. One last jump should take you out of the tunnel and back to the tree by the bridge.

Stand one step away from the green boulder and face away. Backflip onto the rock and do another backflip to end up sliding so grab on and hang from the edge as the boulder goes rolling by. Drop down and get the medkit and kill another Warrior. Enter the building and climb onto the sloped green block then jump from the high part of the slope to grab and pull up to the roof. Keep going until you can pull up into a passage in the sandy rock and follow it to return to the bridge. Now return to the slope where you triggered the green boulder and slide down again - this time forward so you can jump to the slope across the gap. Continue up that ramp until you can see some bricks. Head right and do a running jump and grab to pull up onto the next island. The rope slide begins here so begin the ride but make sure to drop off as you pass over the lower bridge.

Another Xian Guard comes to life when you enter the building on the lower level. Two more guard the switch which opens the door at the end of the rope slide. Kill all three then flip the switch then enter the next room and take the rope slide to the other wall. Make sure you grab as you leave the slide or you will be up to your ponytail in hot lava. Climb up then across the gold structure and continue to the right. Grab onto the green ledge and shimmy left and drop down. Now your path should be clear, so follow it back to the top of the first rope slide which has conveniently reset itself. Grab and don't let go until the entire ride is over.

You are now in a hall with two rooms leading off. Both rooms are death traps so stick to the hall. From one side of the hall, jump to the area to the right of the room where you can see a block. Touching the block summons a Warrior who appears near the open door you just slid through. Kill him then move the block so you can jump up then climb up to the ledge. A switch which creates a bridge over the lava is waiting to be flipped on that pillar, then you can pull up to the stone wall by the lava and get some M-16 clips.

To avoid those blades, hang and drop down the two steps in the right corner then jump to the bridge and flip the switch to open the trapdoor. Return to the wall and get ready for a tricky jump. Do a running jump towards the trapdoor and grab while in midair. Grabbing will change the arc of your jump so you can sail right into the trapdoor. Stock up on shotgun shells when you land then continue to the end of the room and flip the switch to open a trapdoor back in the main room.

Return to the pool and dive down to find a tunnel leading off to the left. Follow it into the larger room and surface to one side to avoid the blades overhead. There is a switch above the passage here which turns off the swinging blades allowing your to get back to the large lava room and go through that door you just opened. Push the box over to the pillar by that door then climb up and jump into the door. You will have to alter your arc again as the ceiling is quite low here.

In this hall is a door and the switch is above the room with the spikes in the floor. Jump forward and grab to catch the crack and shimmy left to pull up. When you are done a running jump towards the left edge of the opening will bring you back to the hall. Now you can enter the room to find two more sealed doors and another Xian Guard who doesn't even wake up. Drop into the hole in the floor and grab on at the bottom to slow yourself.

Things turn nasty when you drop into a cage with four Xian Guards and four Ninja. Flip the switch then reverse roll and head back to the ledge and pull up on either side of the pillar. Behind the pillar go either right or left until you can see the cage then start taking shots at the Ninja below. When they return your fire, use the pillar for cover and attack from the opposite side. All four will eventually die leaving you with only Xian Guards to deal with. Since they only wake up when you get too close, you can fight these guys one at a time. After you wake each guard, return to the top of the wall and take care of them from there. They can't reach you so they can't hurt you. Repeat until all guards are dead then drop down to collect your booty; shells, Uzi clips, and medkits of various sizes. Finally, flip the two switches which open the exit out of here and unseals one of the doors above.

When you enter that opened door above, you are attacked by a Ninja hiding in the dark stairway. When he is no longer a problem, continue up the stairs to a closed door and a switch. The switch opens the door and awakens two more Xian Guards. When all is clear, head through the door and climb to the top of the latticework. Jump off and twist in midair to grab the latticework behind you. Climb up and then pull up to the slope and jump backwards. Continue to jump as you bounce back from side to side. Start moving to the left as you jump to end up on a flat area with a Ninja. Kill him then find the moveable box.

Pull out the box and climb on and jump over to the rocks on the left. Head over to the ledge on the right and jump across the lava into the square depression. Turn and do a running jump into the tunnel under the ledge to claim Secret #3; the Gold Dragon and final secret of Tomb Raider 2. Another running jump will take you out of this tunnel and leave you grabbing the edge next to that square depression. Pull up and jump back to the ledge then return to the box and push it so you can reach the rope slide. Grab on and ride to the final battle...