The Dragon's Lair

When you land, snatch up the medkit and Uzi clips before advancing past a non-active Xian to take on the first of several active Xian Guards. When he is dead you may proceed to the next room where two more Xian Guards stand in complete stillness. There are two switches by the first inactive guard. The one next to him opens the door and activate the two guards in that room while the one opposite his position is a trap and does nothing other than wake him up. Flip the exit switch and take care of the two guards on your way out.

In the next room is a small army of Ninja hiding behind the pillars. Tease them so they follow your out into the previous room where you can dispose of them at your discretion. The Ninja in the rear of this room are not as easily fooled and you will have to fight them on their turf. When all are dead you should find a Mystic Plaque that one of them was carrying. Use it to open the large sealed door and enter to meet the Dragon.

This Dragon is pretty hard to kill but if you take your time and plug away at him and take plenty of evasive action it shouldn't be anymore challenging that some other parts of this game. Here are some strategic tips which may prove useful:

Use your most powerful weapons first and work your way down - duh.

If he "lights you up" use the water to extinguish the flames.

Lots of ammo and medkits are underwater. Use as needed.

Use the pillars to slow down the dragon and provide cover.

Make reversing strafing runs on the dragon. He can't turn very fast.

Once the Dragon is down you need to run up to him and take the Dagger from his belly. With the dagger in your possession, the Dragon is defeated and in the grand tradition of all big endings, his lair begins to self-destruct. Run through the open gate and out the tunnel to the end of the level. The adventure is over and it's time to head for home...