Lara arrives in Venice and finds herself in a dead end alley. Exit to the courtyard and take out the Doberman as he charges. You will need to do some side-jumping and shooting to take out the guard on the balcony who will drop a key after you kill him. Continue down the alley until you hear approaching footsteps then start firing and backflipping back down the alley to take out more dogs and henchmen.

When all is safe, exit the alley and you will be next to the canal. Dive into the canal and swim under the large door to get inside the boathouse. Checkout your cool new ride then flip the switch to open a door somewhere else. Return to the dock and enter the hut. Grab the flares from the table then start climbing the ladders.

Climb each of the ladders after pressing the appropriate switch to open the trapdoor. When you reach the roof, shoot out the windows then drop into the hall. Climb through the second window you just shot out and jump over to the awning. Then make another jump to the balcony and retrieve the Boathouse Key from the dead guard you shot earlier. Return to the hall and head right to the door you opened from the Boathouse.

Kill the attacking Doberman then continue across hall and flip the switch to open a door high on the wall on the opposite side of the canal. Head back to the dead Doberman and shoot out the window. Run and jump and grab the awning. Pull up and then start jumping from awning to awning until you reach the ledge near the door. Jump inside and flip the switch at the end to open a canal door.

Dive back into the canal and return to the Boathouse and unlock the door. Swim back out and make your way to the ledge by the hut. Climb out and kill the henchman. Take his Auto-Mags before you return to the Boathouse. Climb in the boat and head for the now-open canal door. When you pass through the door, stop the boat and light a flare to reveal a passage to the right. Secret #1 is waiting for you at the end of this passage. Take the Stone Dragon then jump down and kill some rats below you. Turn and face the ladder then turn and head right. Turn right at the end and jump in the water. Continue on past the left channel until you reach some Uzi Ammo. Grab it, then retrace your steps back to your speedboat.

Light another flare and continue down the dark canal. At the bottom of the falls you can dive into the pool and retrieve Secret #2; the Gold Dragon.

Continue on until you reach a large underground chamber with lots of columns. Keep the boat over towards the left until you see a ledge. Hop out and kill the rat nearby then shoot out the window and finally kill the henchmen who arrives to investigate all the noise. Grab the ammo then get back in your boat and head through the large metal doors and stop.

Jump out of the boat and swim back to the dock and go through the broken window. Enter the room and flip the switch and take the shotgun shells. Return to the dock and climb the ladder making a mental note of the doors which are now closed. The water level and your boat have risen to the top so dive in and flip the underwater switch to open the next set of doors then get in your boat and continue.

Keep to your left to avoid the enemy gunfire and bring your boat to a stop by the gondolas. Exit the boat and get on the dock. Climb on the box then jump and grab to reach the awning and pull yourself up. Walk to the right edge of the awning and jump to the walkway above. A Doberman and a henchman come running at you so backflip off the ledge and kill them both before jumping backup. Retrieve the medkit. Another guy is guarding another speedboat further down the canal. You can kill him from up here then turn right and head for the courtyard.

A gun crazed baddie comes running at you so kill him with your guns, taking evasive action when necessary. Retrieve the Steel Key from his fallen corpse and unlock the courtyard door. Go through the door and drop into a hole to flip a switch. A gate opens somewhere else in this level and you hear approaching footsteps. Climb out of the hole and kill the henchman and take his ammo. Return to your speedboat and use it to ram the gondolas.

Underwater mines hinder your progress. These mines can only be triggered by a boat. Lucky for you, you have two at your disposal. Line your current boat up with the mines and build up some speed. Jump out of the boat at the last minute and swim to the dock as your boat continue down the canal and sweeps the mines for you. Grab the M-16 ammo from the fallen guard. The Iron Door is locked so we need to find a key. Get in your new speedboat and return to the section of the canal that raised your boat to this level.

A bad guy is waiting around the left corner, so hop out of the boat and kill him when you get on the dock. Grab all his ammo. Get back in the boat and continue along the canal until you reach a clothesline on the right and a smaller canal on the left. Ram the two gondolas tied up at the dock and exit your boat. A henchman with a bat come out of a door but you can kill him before he even gets close. Enter the dark room and kill some rats and flip the switch to open a door somewhere else in this level. Return to your dock.

Before getting in the boat look up. There are some windows above. Jump and grab the ledge and pull up so you can shoot out the windows. Climb through and take Secret #3; the Jade Dragon from the bed. Now you can get in the boat, turn around and take the narrow canal you passed earlier. Keep to the left and the canal will intersect with a larger canal and you will find the door you opened a few minutes ago with that switch.

Enter the door which shuts promptly behind you. Take the Iron Key from the pool of water and climb the ladder to go up and kill a Doberman and his master. Take the medkit and flip the switch. A really nasty guard arrives on the scene and is blocking your escape to the boat. You can either kill him by shooting through the gap between the door and the wall or if you want to impress your friends, try doing a backflip from the ledge and killing him before you splash into the canal.

Either way, when he is dead, get back in the boat and retrace you path back to where you got your second speedboat. You now have the key to open that door and kill another nasty badguy. Flip the switch by the window to open the second gate which is blocking your exit. Return to the boat and head back up the canal going under that walkway where you snipered the guy who was guarding this boat earlier in the game. Keep to the left until you reach an open door on the right. Go just past this door then back the boat up to the door so that it is lined up with the ramp to the left.

Jump out of the boat and enter the door until you can stand. Shoot the henchman and grab his ammo when he is dead. Flip the switch to open the final obstacle in your escape of this level. This is a timed sequence of events and the clock starts ticking once you get back in your boat. Anything less than a perfect performance and you will be redoing this segment so save your game. Ready.....set......GO!

Accelerate your boat and jump the ramp, braking immediately when you land so you can make the sharp turn at the second left into the large canal, then make a sharp right into the smaller canal with the open gates. Make another right at the intersection and speed down the canal to the exit...




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