Opera House

This level starts off with a rather challenging gunfight. You can run around taking random shots at the gunman on the platform below until he finally dies. Then take his ammo and jump into the water from where he was standing moments ago. Swim left around the building and climb the ladder, getting off on the small ledge. Walk to the edge of the landing and while facing the canal, jump and grab so you can pull up to the top. Flip the switch to open a door in the roof then continue climbing the ladder to the ledge above. Run and jump to the ledge across the canal then turn to the left and do a running jump to the ledge with the swinging box. Pull up and continue along the canal performing a running jump to the slanted rooftop. Grab onto the edge and shimmy to the left until you reach a small ledge.

Do a running jump and a grab in midair so you arc through the opening in the roof. Draw your guns in midair to take out the guard, then take the Ornate Key. Start up the stairs and kill the gunman when he comes through the door. Take his medkit and go to the top of the stairs. Make your way back to the previous ledge with the swinging box and position yourself so you are looking at a ledge with a small building to the left. Do NOT try to jump through the opening in the center of that building. The floor below the opening in the roof is lined with broken glass and you will die.

Instead, do a running jump to land on the slope next to the right wall. Grab and shimmy to the left until you are at the flat section in the corner. Standing with your back to the wall, jump to the slanted roof and slide down and grab. You should be hanging in front of the window. Drop and instantly grab again to catch the edge of the sill. Now pull up and shoot out the glass and carefully enter the room. The glass is just like the spikes in the original Tomb Raider so simply WALK to pass by unharmed. Cross the room and climb the ladder and use the Ornate Key to unlock the door at the end of the hall.

Now we have a very unstable roof to deal with. Position Lara so she is at the edge of a solid piece of roof and facing the wall on the other side of the three collapsing pieces. Do a Standing Jump and begin running when you hit the first panel. When you cross the 3rd panel do a running jump, and when you finally cross the last set of collapsing panels do a running jump to grab and pull up onto the ledge. Draw your guns and proceed to the top of the Opera House.

Shoot the guard patrolling the roof then turn and lower down. While hanging onto the edge, quickly pull back up and draw your weapons again. Your short dangle off the edge should have attracted the attention of another guard and a couple of Dobermans. Kill them all, then do a running jump to the roof and continue left to kill four more guards below. Take the medkits, shells and ammo from the dead guards then return to your previous location to check out the swinging box.

Do a running jump and grab and pull up to a small area to the right of the swinging box and light a flare. Drop down and flip the switch to the left of the box. Three rooftop doors open and two gunmen show up looking for trouble. Climb up and kill these guys then drop through the newly opened door in the roof.

A pair of switches awaits you below. The right switch is useless for now so flip the left one to open a grate, then exit through that grate. Run by the hall to trigger a boulder. Stand by the wall switch to avoid the deadly rock then flip the switch to close the grate and climb up the ladder. Continue climbing up the grate until you are across from an opening which would have been blocked if you hadn't so cleverly lowered the grate before climbing up.

Drop down to the floor and kill the gunman to the left making a special effort NOT to go underneath the sandbag. Take his medkit then head towards the doors to the right. Making extra sure to stay out from underneath that sandbag, kill the advancing Doberman and henchman. Turn back towards the first gunman and continue until you reach another pair of Dobermans which you can feel free to kill. There is a switch here which is missing a Relay Box so make a note of its position - you will be back later.

Head around the upper walkway towards the open doors. A sandbag will smash through the floor allowing you to look down into the hole. Take a few steps back and do a running jump so you reach the small ledge below. Two Dobermans and a gunman appear on the ground floor, so kill them before dropping to the floor below. Kill the gunman hiding in the dark on the second level from the top so he won't snipe you when you reach the floor. Make your way to the floor and climb onto the box near the wall opposite the stage. Jump and pull up to the walkway. Get past the broken floor until you reach the wall with the curtains.

Go to the edge and jump forward and pull up to kill another gunman and relieve him of his ammo. Return to the ground floor and run along the back wall to trigger two rolling boulders. Take the medkit from the gunman you killed from above then go into the water. Another gunman comes out on stage and his performance is less than acceptable. Kill him and take his Uzi ammo after you kill the Doberman coming in from the left and another gunman sneaking in from behind. Off to the side where the Doberman originated is a small alcove with a switch. Flip the switch to open a grate at the other end of the stage.

As you approach the grate some more bad guys arrive for target practice. After you have killed them and taken the medkit, jump and pull up to the ledge where the grating was. Walk - do not run - through the glass then turn left and do a running jump and grab onto the crevice in the wall so you can shimmy to the left until you can pull up and flip the switch which lowers the plank.

Run and jump back to the previous walkway and stop before your momentum takes you into the deadly glass. Continue down the walkway and do a running jump to grab and pull up to the ledge on the left. Jump and pull up once more then turn and run and jump and pull up again to continue your upward journey. Kill the rat then get the timing down on the swinging sandbag. Do a standing jump when the first sandbag is at the end of its swing. Jump past the second one to the ledge and flip the switch to send another sandbag hurtling through the stage floor.

Walk carefully towards the sloped ledge then turn around and slide down backwards, grabbing on to the edge when you fall. Pull up and backflip through the hole in the floor and light one of your flares. Follow the passage to the left staying along the left wall. You will enter a larger room with a ledge and a switch to your left.

To your right is a tiny underwater passage. Swim into this passage to find Secret #1; the Stone Dragon, then return to the ledge and flip the switch to open a door back up above the right side of the stage. No go back so you are once again under the hole in the stage and take the large passage at the end of the room. Swim up and keep to the right and you will find the missing Relay Box. Climb the ladder up through the door you recently opened. Return to the top floor of the Opera House and kill two more Dobermans as you make your way back to the switch where you needed the Relay Box. Insert the box and flip the switch to activate the elevator.

This is a tricky secret. Do not get in the elevator. Instead, wait for it to go down then get ON the elevator and quickly jump to the ladder and climb up into the hidden opening. WALK through the deadly glass and pick up Secret #2; the Gold Dragon, then flip the switch to your left. Continue through the glass making sure to grab that Uzi ammo in the second alcove to the left before entering the door you just opened with the switch. Return to the elevator switch and flip it so you can take the elevator down.

Two gunman are waiting as the elevator doors open so kill them quickly and add their shells to your ammo collection. Flip the switch to send the elevator back up and to also give you access to a hidden pool of water which the elevator was concealing. Jump in and head for the grating then turn left and follow some stairs to an underwater area. Take the Circuit Board which is lying in the corner of this room then return to the grating you swam past a minute ago.

Go to the left and around the grate to find and flip a switch which opens a side of the cage letting Lara surface and catch her breath. Climb out and kill some rats then turn and jump to grab and pull up to the next level. Kill the quickly advancing gunman then jump and pull up again to kill another rat and a Doberman. Continue along the hall until you reach some windows. Shoot out the glass then drop into the room below and use the switch to open the door.

Slide down the sloped passage jumping over the deadly fan at the last possible second. You should land on a ledge with the Ornate Key. After you take the key, pull up to the tallest block and jump to the slope and head for the duct. Jump in and kill the rat. Continue along until you reach the edge of the duct then jump the gap. Turn and jump back to avoid another deadly fan and repeat once more for the final fan.

Look up at the dark area without any fan. Jump forward from the edge of the duct you are standing on to grab and pull up to get Secret #3; the Jade Dragon. There is a deadly fan behind the dragon so if you can either light a flare or just carefully WALK forward until you get the statue. Return and hang and drop to get back to the duct below.

Head down the hall until you reach a moveable box. Pull it to gain access to a switch which you can flip to open a door. Pull the box once more then push it all the way into the dressing room under the first windows. Get on the box and shoot out any windows that still have glass in them then jump into the first windows. Another box is in here so push it out the windows so it lands on top of the previous box. Jump and grab the top box and pull up. Now you can reach the top row of windows so jump in and kill the guard who has been waiting patiently for your return.

Now begin the long trek back to the Control Room using the shaft next to the elevator. Jump and pull up until you finally reach the lock. Use the key to open the doors then continue forward. If you failed to trigger the boulders your first time through this area, then you need to avoid them now. Stay along the wall and head towards the switch to open the door at the top of the ladder. Enter the Control Room and use the Circuit Board before flipping the switch to raise the backdrop on stage.

Return to the stage and kill the 3 gunmen and the Doberman. Get the medkit and shells from your fallen enemies then go through the hole in the wall to find many stacked boxes. One of the smaller ones can be pulled out so find it and pull it twice to gain access to a hidden passage. Enter and use the switch to lower the backdrop then exit this area and kill another guard who should be just arriving.

Start climbing the boxes until you reach the white ledge above the stage. Kill the henchman down below and try to avoid any sandbags which will kill you on impact. When he is dead, look around and find the opening above. Jump forward and pull up into this area to flip another switch that opens a door by a swinging sandbag.

Now stand at the edge of the opening and do an angled jump to the slope on the right. Slide down and stay along the right to do a timed dash past the swinging sandbag. Hang and drop to get past the swinging box and arrive at the floor. Bartoli should arrive shortly and he seems to be particularly vulnerable to shotgun blasts. Two Dobermans will also attack your when you reach the floor but should fall quickly to the power of the shotgun. When you finally kill Bartoli, take all the grenades and kill off the two remaining henchmen. Take the medkit and Uzi clips from these two fellows then go to the other side of the room and climb on the box to make your way back to the room with the stacked boxes next to the entrance. There should be a button next to the entry which will open the exit. Get onboard the airplane and take off for the next level...



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