You start in a cave. Run forward. Follow the tracks running past the slots in the wall with the poison darts. If you keep running the darts will miss you. Even if they do hit, they do not do a lot of damage. Continue around the corner. Lara will look up at a ledge indicating the way to go but first we need to get a secret. Continue straight into a large square room with a hole in the wall to Lara's left in the corner. You must use the slanted rock to jump onto this door. You can either jump back then forward off the sloped face or you can climb up the back of the sloped rock and jump as you slide down. Either way you will grip the base of the door to enter SECRET #1 and get the medkit.

Return to the area where Lara looked up, climb up and head down the passage. The sounds of bats should alert you to draw your gun and kill them. Turn left and proceed to a dead end cave with snow drifted into one corner. Climb the drift as far as you can then use the action key to grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Waste the bat and grab the Medkit for
SECRET #2. Note - on the PC it appears to be impossible to get this secret but don't panic, this is the only bu I found! Return to the bat cave and continue to your left. You will eventually end up in a large grass covered cavern sloped down. Make your way to the bottom and drop into the tunnel. Go to the door and use the switch to open the door. Kill the bat as you enter this large room. Ignore the bamboo door - you can't open it anyway.

Find the hole in the roof and climb up. Make your way to the large room with 2 bridges and 2 wolves patrolling the ground. You can sniper these guys from the ledge. You can either wind your way around using the bridges your take the shortcut by dropping to the ground and proceeding to the second bridge. Standing in the middle jump and pull yourself up onto the bridge and go to your right. Continue through the door and into the next room.

There is a large gap in this room with a bear at the bottom. You can kill the bear at the bottom of the gap from above, then drop down into the gap by gripping the edge and dropping in to avoid taking damage. Go through the door killing the 2 bats. Grab the medkit and then stand on the pressure plate to open the door. You will now enter the bridge room. Climb back up the bridge and retrace your path back to the gap. Jump the gap and then proceed down the stairs. There is a medkit to the left of the stairs if you are collecting these things.

As you enter the room, the wolves attack. Kill both of them quickly. Notice on the far wall there is a door cleverly hidden in the vegetation. A ledge extends from the door which you can jump onto from either side. Enter this door for
SECRET #3 - a large medkit.

The other door out of this room is on a timed switch. Go to the far corner and climb up to the top and then throw the switch. Then either make 2 skilled jumps to the ledge with the door or just drop down - run across - and climb up and run through the door. Continue up and turn the corner. Run past the 2 dart shooting pipes and into the next room. A single wolf is waiting for you so watch out. There are 2 broken floor tiles in this room. Stand on either one to fall (safely) into the room below.

Do not drop into the hall below - it is lined with dart traps. Find the ledge where you can safely jump across to the other side. Shoot the last wolf on this level and pick up the medkit. Continue on and around the corner to find a switch. Move it to open the EXIT. To avoid the darts just slide down the sloped wall next to the EXIT.


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