City of Khamoon

We start a new chapter and a new level by jumping into a pit. Use the block along the right as a step. Turn left and enter the tunnel and use the switch to open the door in the previous room. Enter this door and pull the block 3 times then enter the passage behind it to get a medkit and magnum clips. Go back and climb up on the block then behind the second block. Pull the block once then go to the side and pull it as far as you can then go to the opposite side and push it into the wall.

Go to the block in the corner and jump to the crevice and shimmy right until you can climb into the cave. Shoot the panther (finally a new enemy) from the entrance then enter and turn left and climb the ledge to the medkit and magnum clips. Back at the floor slide down to the Sphinx and kill the panther-mummy creature then jump into the water on the right and get the magnum clips on the bottom. You should be able to use your Magnums for the rest of the game if you've been getting all the clips up to this point.

Exit the water between the palm trees and climb to the ledge above and go about halfway across and jump to the pillar to your left and get the shotgun shells. Dive into the pool and exit on the left paw of the sphinx. Climb to the chin and go around to the left where you will find a tunnel with shells and a Sapphire Key.

Go to the block between the sphinx's legs and pull it out until you can enter the tunnel behind it where you can use the Sapphire Key to open the door. Go down the passage to the next room and go right and up to the ledge with the medkit. Jump forward to the next ledge and shoot the panther below then jump to the ledge along the far wall. Go down the right passage and kill the panther as he charges at you. You may have to jump back or just use the Shotgun for immediate gratification. Follow the passage underneath the bridge. Keep on going and shoot the croc then hang and drop off the ledge by the phoenix. Drop down and get the medkit then enter the room and trigger another Indiana Jones Boulder. Avoid it then go to where it stops and turn right and go up the hill to a dark passage. Climb the ledges and jump into the room for
SECRET #1 - magnum clips and a medkit.

Take a swim in the corner and flip the switch below to open the door and continue forward and up out of the water before the croc eats you. Kill him from the safety of the ledge then go to the ledge below the gate and climb up. Push the block fowards 2 times then get on it and jump to the ledge below the door. Pull yourself up and go up the steps. Jump up into the tunnel and use the wall switch to extend a gold bridge in the previous room.

Return to the room and jump back to the block and push the block back to its original position then pull it once toward the water then go to the other side and push it once. Go stand on the block and jump across to the ledge with the block on it. Push the block to open a hidden door then use the switch to open a door in the ceiling above the golden bridge. Return to the ledge and pull the block twice so you can jump to the golden bridge. Now jump up and climb into the door in the ceiling and use the switch up there to open the door by the cat statue.

Head for the silver gong and jump to the left ledge. Turn right and jump to the rock ledge and go to the end to get some magnum clips. Slide down the slope to the left and get the medkit then jump to the paw on your right. From the paw jump to the green ledge on your left and get the magnum clips. Get on the slope then jump to a ledge above the ramp to get
SECRET #2 - Uzi clips. Shoot the croc below then hang and drop to the ramp below and go to the cat statue.

Do a safety drop to the green ledge and then another to the floor. Enter the door (without stairs) and get the magnum clips then turn and drop down the hole. Shoot the barely visible panthers in the darkness below. Walk around and get the magnum clips in the corners but don't use the light switch yet! Drop to the darkness below and shoot 2 more panthers then head for the lit passage and get the medkit.

Go to the back of the room and look up at the ledge just to the right of the bridge. Its very hard to see in the dark but it is there. Climb up to it then turn and jump to the left onto the bridge. Cross over to the middle ledge and go to the left and shoot the panthers below. Jump to the alcove in the corner to get
SECRET #3 - shotgun shells.

Jump back on the bridge and make your way back down to the floor. Get the medkit in the other lighted tunnel then climb back up to the bridge and enter the lighted passage next to it. At the end of the tunnel is a cat-mummy so keep those magnums ready. Enter the next room and jump to the tunnel on your right and follow to the next room. Climb the pillar and take the Sapphire Key from the top. Proceed up the hill and enter the door then do 3 jumps across some ledges and get the magnum clips.

Jump to the ledge on your left then climb up to the switch and use it. Make your way back to the entrance and do a safety drop to a long slope below. You'll slide down for quite a distance then you can walk up the slope on the right to a room with a lock where you can use the Sapphire Key to open the final door and EXIT this level.



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