Wait for the lights to come on then advance into this room picking up the Uzi ammo. A monster explodes from a sphere so kill it with your Uzi then go to the right and kill the monster in the second sphere. Follow the trench and kill a third creature that blasts from a sphere and get the Uzi ammo. Enter the door to the left of the center door and enter a room with a webbed floor.

Get the medkit from the corner then cross the center bridge to the left. Get the shotgun shells and prepare to kill a demon that was just released. Kill him from up here if possible. If you drop a dog explodes from a sphere and just adds to the confusion. Use the switch in the far right corner of the webbed room then turn around and run to another switch in the opposite wall and use it. Run back to the other side and go through the door and down the stairs and trip another switch to open that center door back at the entrance room.

Return to the center door killing any leftover creatures running around. Enter and kill the flying monster while staying in the safety of the tunnel. Exit to the ledge and reverse and drop off and down to the block below grabbing onto it. Climb up and get
SECRET #1 - clips for the Uzi and magnum and a medkit. Go through the tunnel and climb up the ledge and drop down the hole. Turn and go down the passage to a webbed ledge then turn and jump and grab the crevice at its lowest part. Shimmy and drop to the tunnel below grabbing the entrance and climb up into it. Flip the switch in this tunnel and get the Uzi ammo then jump to the webbed ledge.

Leap from the end of this ledge to the next and grab on as a sphere blows up below you. Climb up to the tunnel. Leap to the pillar then leap to the darker ledge to the left on the pyramid. Jump to the next ledge avoiding the rumbling boulder coming at you. Jump to the next ledge on your right...just missed it! After your slide is over jump to avoid the second rolling boulder and you can now climb the next set of ledges all the way to the top right corner using a series of standing jumps.

Enter the tunnel and get
SECRET #2 - clips for Uzi and Magnum and medkit. Exit and slide down to the red door. Jump across the water and go right and jump to the ledge and grab and climb up. Jump to the second ledge and get the medkit then jump to the next ledge and pull yourself up and into the tunnel. Load up on Uzi clips and use the switch then go back to the water and dive in.

Find and use the switch underwater to open the red door then exit the water by climbing onto the small ledge on the left side of the slope then climb to the pillar and jump back to the pyramid. Retrace your path back to the red door and get inside before it shuts. Jump to the ledge and go up some stairs jumping into the door. Climb up the passage saving your game and jumping some spikes on the way. Dive in the water and go down into the underwater chamber and get some shells then use the switch and swim through the door and back up to the surface. Get the Uzi clips after you dash through the veg-o-matic then go right and leap to the next ledge.

Ignore those clips for now as a demon is ready to pounce. Dart inside the tunnel and kill him from a safer place then get the Uzi clips after he is dead. Turn back and dive into the water at the other end of the tunnel. Swim between the two spheres and climb to the ledge and use the switch in the right corner to open a door. Now go left and use the switch around the corner to open another door.

As you near the sphere in the right corner a monster explodes from it so kill it then go use the switch in the remaining corner to open the last underwater door. Dive in and go through the long corridor with the 3 open doors. Exit into a dark tunnel and go up the ramp on your left. Turn right at the red passage and flip the switch to open the door and get the Uzi ammo.

Find the block across from the boulder and pull it out then push it against the left wall. Return to the red door and switch and use the switch again and enter the door. Your strategically placed block stop the boulder and you can now enter the tunnel it was blocking. Kill the demon as you walk onto the ledge then jump to the right ledge. The tunnel leads to a room with with 2 demons in spheres. Release only one at a time and back into the tunnel to kill them from safety. Go back to where there were demons a minute ago.

Now slide down the slope and jump as you near the bottom. Try to land on a red ledge as anything else will dump you into some spikes. Get the shells and the medkit and all that Uzi ammo then enter the next room through the tunnel. Go right and go to the ledge to wake up another demon then run back to the tunnel to kill it. Return to retrieve Uzi ammo. Now go back and jump to the left ledge and then jump to the small ledge after that. Get into the tunnel on the left quickly to attack another demon. Pick up some more Uzi ammo. You can now go back out and jump to the glowing yellow slop in the center of this room.

Leap to the rock ledge then get the Uzi clips and use the switch up on the slope. Turn and go until the ledge tilts. Jump over it and pull on the block to open a tunnel. Run past the veg-o-matic and kill the 2 demons on the other side. Jump over to the dead demons and head up the tunnel and climb some stairs to get Uzi clips and a medkit. Go to the ledge on the right and kill the monster flying around in here then go left and jump to the ledge on the right. Enter the tunnel.

Leap to the ledge in the corner and enter another tunnel and use the switch before going back to the lava room. Jump over to the first ledge then jump to the pillar on the left. Do another jump to the next left pillar and then a flying leap into the door. Climb up and use the switch at the end of the passage. Return to the ledge and do a series of jumps to cross the pillars and reach the tunnel. Proceed up the passage and run up the hill with Uzis blazing to kill the three attacking creatures. Go back to the bottom and go into the corner of the room to activate a secret door. Run back up the hill.

Enter the secret alcove on the right just before the red passage for
SECRET #3 - shells, medkit and Uzi clips. Go back to the main passage and turn right to go into the red tunnel. Ignore the door/switch trap at the end of this corridor - the way forward is just behind the red door. After it shuts climb to the passage above and go to the end and jump to the ledge on the right. Grab the Uzi ammo and enter the passage. Kill the alien that suddenly appears then get more Uzi ammo and continue on to the ramp that leads up to the veg-o-matic.

If you run straight up the slope a boulder will crush you. Face the slope and sidestep right. Now run up to the wall avoiding the darts (especially the first one). Now turn left and climb over the slope quickly dropping off the other side. The boulder will roll down the slope behind you and you'll be safe. Now just climb back onto the ramp and go through the veg-o-matic which is now deactivated. In the throne room push the block on your left 2 times and go down the tunnel on the right to find 2 switches. Use the right switch and jump back quickly to avoid the trap door. Do a safety drop through the trap door then move forward to start another boulder rolling then jump back and over the hole. Move forward again and go up the tunnel and climb the ledge on the left to reach the switch. Use it then, then make your way back to the 2 switches and go through the now open door. Kill the alien in the passage and use the switch in the corner to open a door. Kill the Centaur who appears as you approach the switch. Get some Uzi ammo in two of the corners.

Enter the door and then slide into the next room. Kill the 2 monsters at the bottom but DO NOT attack the next creature that appears. IT IS YOU! Anything you do - it does.

Climb the ledge to the right and jump to the stone pillar then leap to the ledge by the door and use the switch to open the trap door. Turn and jump to the sandy ledge then climb and jump to the sandy pillar and finally leap to the sandy ledge. Go to the middle of the ledge quickly and your double will fall into the pit. If the door shuts you were too slow and you have to try again.

Go back to the rocky ledge with the pit and get some Uzi ammo then go through the door and up. Kill the Centaur and load up on more Uzi ammo and kill another alien. Go right at the end of the tunnel to find a switch that opens a door. Run along the left ledge and use the next switch. You are on a TIME LIMIT so ignore the clips and run back to the entrance and across the bridge.

Grab the Uzi clips lying here then approach the alien device and USE it to EXIT this level and start a cool movie



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