You start off in the bedroom and the weapons closet is unlocked this time. Open it up and grab the box of Flares then head to the main stairs. At the far corner of the landing is another door that leads to the attic (same as last game). Go into the dark attic and light a flare to find a box which you can push twice. Now go back down to the library - the room just off the room with the piano and TV.

As you enter the library, turn right and find the book sticking out from the shelf. Push it to turn off the fireplace making it safe to get inside and climb up. At the top, move the boxes and get more Flares. You should now see a hall. Flip the switch to open a door on a very SHORT timer.

The door you opened is downstairs in the hall leading to the indoor training room.You will have to use all the shortcuts and fast moves you can find to get there in time. Here is my fastest route:

After flipping the switch, run down the hall back to the attic and down the stairs to the 2nd floor landing. As you exit the attic door, jump over the banister and continue running down the stairs and angle right to clear the railing. Roll and start running toward the gym using the sprint to gain extra speed. Enter the door just before it closes.

As long as you use the sprint move (only when running in a straight line) you should have no trouble making it down to the basement. You should find a moveable box that you can move under the hole in the ceiling and pull up into the hall above. Follow the passage to the Aquarium. Take a swim with your fish to find and get the coveted RACETRACK KEY! This key opens the hedge maze which has since been converted into a racetrack for Lara's Quad Bike. Time to set a new record!

Before leaving the house you may want to visit the other secret room. Go to the swimming pool and press the button on the back of the diving platform. This opens a door back in the main foyer revealing a switch. Pulling this switch opens a door directly behind you for a very SHORT time. You will need to sprint and do the diving roll maneuver to get under the door before it shuts. Nice trophy over the fireplace!

Outside, there are a few new things to do. The assault course has been modified to include training for Lara's new abilities. There is a target range that features Jeeves running around in a Kevlar vest, combat helmet and tea tray. You can put himdown, but you can't kill him.

That's about it (or at least as much as I found to do). Explore the mansion and grounds as much as you want and when you are ready to play the REAL game, go to the main gate and hit the button and exit.


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