Before you start to slide down the first hill, jump over the slope to your right and slide down to the flat ledge. Jump over to the yellow rock and crouch to find Secret #1; the Shotgun. Now start sliding down the long ramp and jump up to grab the log. Kill the monkey then jump down so you slide onto a flat section between the spikes. Now angle left and jump and slide down to the flat ledge with the Medkit. You may or may not trigger a rolling boulder trap at this point. If you hear a rumbling, jump or step back to avoid the rock.

Jump to the area behind the tree to get the Save Gem and Secret #2; Shells. Finish your slide to the bottom and head through the arch to the left. Collect another Save Gem then climb up the pillar just past the gem.

Grab the ammo on the left then return to the wall for Secret #3. Shell are in the opening to the left of the waterfall and some more ammo is in the third opening. Now head to the right through the arch into the large area. A small monkey is off to the left. He isn't much of a threat, but kill him just the same. You should be able to find a small bush with a passage behind it that leads to a switch. Flip the switch and head back to the gate that you just opened.

Go through the gate and drop down to the dark hall. A switch is on your right and a deadly spike trap is on your left. Flip the switch then quickly climb into the alcove to avoid the moving wall of death. When it has passed you can go to the other end of the hall and climb up to the opening. Go through and find the cable-slide and ride it down to the base of a square block. Climb onto this block then doing a short running jump into the passage and drop into the next area. If you fall in the river, do not fight the current. Just let it take you to a tunnel which leads to a small pool where you can exit. Watch out for Piranha!

A beautiful but deadly tiger will attack as you enter so warm up those pistols. Find the hollow tree and flip the switch inside to open a gate and also send a boulder rolling your way. Dodge the deadly rock then follow its path of origin to another switch which opens a gate around the corner. Head into this next room and kill the attacking tiger. Head to the right through some thick plants and find the Shells on a small ledge to the left.

Continue into the next area where another tiger will offer itself for target practice. Keep going until you see some mist rising out of a dark patch in the middle of the room. This is a deadly spiked pit so stay away from it. Circle around to the right and claim the ammo in the trees then crawl under the fallen tree and kill another tiger before collecting the Save Gem.

Standing at the end of the tree, you should be able to jump and grab and climb into the tree. This area is Secret #4, but the real trick is getting back out....alive! Hang and drop into a spiked pit with slopes that you can jump back and forth. Keep moving to one side and you will soon escape the spikes. Grab the ammo near the rocks then drop into the tunnel and walk through the spikes. Pull yourself out of this area and return to the end of the tree where you started all this.

Follow the hallway to a spiked ledge and kill the monkey before walking through the spikes. Do a running jump and grab to the outside corner of the hall then jump to the slope above the hall and slide down. Grab the edge as you fall and shimmy to the right until you can pull up and get the Save Gem.

Climb up and shimmy over to the dark passage, and use a flare to spot and kill the monkey and locate the switch at the other end which opens a gate down below. It also triggers a boulder trap, so do a roll and run back out of the passage. When the threat is over, go back inside and find the hidden ledge above the switch. Jump and climb up to find Secret #5; ammo then do a safety drop off the ledge to The area below.

Back down in the jungle you should spot a monkey who will lead you into a boulder trap. As you run across this area, several boulders will start to roll down at you. After the third and final boulder has come to a stop you can head up the slope toward the bushes. Keep to the right as you climb the hill and you should soon discover a hole behind the bushes. Grab the Medkit then drop into the pit, quickly grabbing the next ledge to avoid the spikes below. Pull up and enter the passage to find Secret #6; some Flares and a Save Gem.

Turn and jump across to the next ledge then reverse and do another jump and grab to climb out of the pit. Return to the area with the three boulders and go past them until you reach a river. Dive in and swim to the right to find some ammo on the shore. Jump to the small island then jump and pull up to the ledge above where you will find a switch to pull that opens a door off in the distance.

Do a running jump and grab from the island to the ledge just next to the pillar then ride the cable-slide to the bottom and take the hall to the left. A Save Gem is accessible from the top of the pillar and you can also kill a pair of tigers from the safety of this high perch.

Your next objective is getting inside that opening to the right of the waterfall. To do this you must flood this chamber so head to the left into the dark passage. Cross the pool and get some valuable Flares from the middle ledge before heading right until you reach a dead end. Pull the block until the nearby gate opens then enter and flip the switch there to open another gate in the floor behind the stone you just pulled. Jump in and return to the previous room and climb out onto the narrow bridge where you can flip the switches at either end to open yet another gate in the other room.

Head back to that room and enter this gate to find an flip another switch which floods an upcoming room. One more swim takes you back to the previous room where you can go through the door between the torches and into the room you just flooded only moments ago. Swim over to the far waterfall and get out of the water. Find the passage behind the falls and follow it to the ladder and climb up. Walk through the waterfall and climb up the other waterfall before doing a running jump back to the previous waterfall. You should find a switch at the top of the falls that opens an underwater gate.

Jump (or dive) into the water below and look for some green stone steps. Exit and climb onto the high ledge then do a running leap to the next ledge where you can claim a Save Gem. Jump back into the water and go through that gate you just opened. After a short swim you will reach the next room which has ammo and Shells all being guarded by a tiger. When you have taken the objects and killed the striped menace, climb that ladder.

Go around the corner and kill the monkey who just ran off with the Indra Key. Get the key then look down and spot the tiger lurking below. Kill him from your safe location then drop down. Make sure to avoid the pulsating brown quicksand as you make your way to the ledge where you can use the Indra Key to open the gate. More ammo is in a small niche to the left of the door. Enter the gate and exit the level.


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