Temple Ruins

Head up the path past the tree and kill the snakes. If you get bit by a snake you MUST use a medkit otherwise the poison will slowly drain your health until you die. You may want to wait until all snakes in an area are dead before healing yourself, otherwise you could waste valuable medkits if you keep getting bit. Head up the path past the tree and kill the snakes. If you get bit by a snake you

MUST use a medkit otherwise the poison will slowly drain your health until you die. You may want to wait until all snakes in an area are dead before healing yourself, otherwise you could waste valuable medkits if you keep getting bit.

A switch over by one of the snakes opens a gate in the floor nearby. Drop through the gate and light a flare so you can explore this passage. Get the Medkit and kill the snake that guards it before exiting the passage. This next area has some water infested with deadly piranha, and you might find some things of interest over by the stairs.

It may sound crazy but dive into the water and swim QUICKLY to the ledge which is covered by a few inches of water. Get out of the water while you still have some meat on your bones and head up the path and flip the switch to open an underwater gate between a pair of submerged ledges. Dive back into the water and swim through the gate. Exit on the other side with piranha nipping at your boots.

A huge mound of dirt lies ahead. As you approach you should be able to just make out a flat ledge in the pile which is within jumping distance. Make this jump then walk around to the ledge on the left then jump over to the stone ledge. Walk around this ledge until you reach an opening by the second waterfall. Enter and collect the Save Gem then do a running leap out onto the tree.
Explore the branches for ammo and Flares then head back to the main branch and do another running jump to the left to grab and pull up onto the ledge. Another running leap takes you to the waterfall where you can make your way up to the second waterfall. Here you can drop and shimmy to the right to find some Shells hidden in a niche. Keep crawling until you are able to stand then do a safety drop to the next area.

Over to the left is a ledge you need to jump, grab and pull up onto. Now crawl into the cave and watch out for a pair of snakes who block your exit down the ramp. The next area has an impressive statue and a stone block to the right that you can pull out. Some Shells are behind it, so get them then enter the opening behind the block. As you exit, another statue comes to life, so run to safety. The mound of dirt takes you to a stone ledge with a Save Gem on it. Keep circling the room and use your Shotgun to take out this giant menace.

After the battle is over, look for a hole in the floor and drop in, where you will find a switch that opens a gate. Finally, move the block by the switch and enter the next area. The air is alive with poison darts, but this is Tomb Raider 3 and Lara can CRAWL in this game. Quickly drop into the nearby hole to get Secret #1; another Medkit, then get out fast before the rolling boulder crushes you.

Keep crawling past the flying darts and collect the Shells, Medkit and Flares before returning to the statue room. Enter the gate then carefully make your way across the sludge. Always keep moving so you don't sink. Head up the slope on the other side then do a running leap to grab the next ledge. Go down the passage to find and flip a switch which opens the nearby gate.

Enter into the next room and quickly jump the swinging blade then sprint to avoid the spikes moving in for the kill. Up the stairs you will find a cage with a switch next to it that opens a gate above. DON'T FLIP THE SWITCH YET! First pull out the block from the wall then push it over to the left then climb onto it and jump, grab and pull up onto the ledge. Around the corner is a ladder. Jump and climb up the ladder to find Secret #2; a room full of assorted items. Flip the switch then climb back down to the main floor.

Now you can flip that switch by the cage then push the block over so you can climb onto it and jump over to the ledge. Go through the gate and dive into the water. Pull the lever to open the next gate and swim through. Above you is a closed gate so keep swimming until you reach a pair of levers. Pull both of them to open the gate in the ceiling the swim up to get some much needed air.

Jump into the pool and pull the pair of levers that are opposite each other to activate the statues that will breath fire. The remaining lever opens a timed door where you can claim several items also known as Secret #3. if you look closely you will notice hidden platforms that are floating above. The fire should make them visible enough to jump and grab onto the first, then over to the next and finally to the ledge where you can flip the switch. Drop down and get the Save Gem before running through the door on the left. The gate is on a timer so be fast or you will have to repeat the last part.

This long hall has cages at each end and the one right next to you has spikes. Flip the nearby switch to open the cage at the far end of the hall and start the cage next to you moving towards you. Sprint down the hall past the open cage and grab the Key of Ganesha. Go through the gate and wait for the spikes to go past. When it is safe, return to the hall and get the ammo and Medkit by the switch.

Head back to the previous room with the pool which is now replaced with sludge. Climb the sludge and enter the passage on the right. You should find some Flares nearby which you really will be needing. Climb the stairs then retreat when the boulder comes rolling at you and duck into the alcove to the left. Start back up the stairs until you reach a pair of gates and a hole in the floor. The path branches right and left at this point. We will explore both but since the left has an immediate trap, we'll explore the right first.
Going right trips the boulder trap on the left passage, so flip the switch and enter the gate. Ignore the temptation of exploring that hole in the wall unless you have saved recently and want to see a cool death. Head up the passage until you reach a large room with statues, a Save Gem, and floor grates. Continue down the hall and kill that pesky monkey who is running off with your Medkit. Finally, drop off and hang, then climb down the wall to the floor below.

You should now find yourself back in the room with the dead statue from earlier in the level. Head up the mound and over to the ledge where you should find a pair of switches which will open a gate below. Return to the floor and go through the gate into the next room. Go past the pit and into the next door where you will need to swim across to flip the switch. Avoid the deadly fire of the statues and if you get torched, just jump into the water to put out the flames. When you finally flip the switch you will open a gate underwater which you can swim through while making sure to avoid the poison darts which shoot from the far wall.

Grab the Medkit from the shore then head to the other grassy ledge where you will find a ladder that leads up to a ledge behind you. When you get above the ledge, do a backward flip onto it. Then do a running leap to the next ledge in front of you. Jump to the next ledge then turn and climb the wall. Turn again and jump onto the next ledge then turn to see a ledge with a snake ready to strike. Kill the snake from your current position then jump over to his ledge. Another jump will put you in a room with a rolling boulder. Dodge it by heading up the left past the poison dart traps. Crawl under the darts and other assorted traps and get the Medkit on the left before doing a running leap and grab to claim the Save Gem in the alcove.

Return to the pit and jump down onto any of the corners. Walk through the blades and then crouch and crawl through the tunnel to reach a small room with Secret #4; some ammo guarded by a snake. Drop to the water below and make your way back to the area where you got the last Save Gem. A moveable block in the corner can be pushed to reveal a second block which can be pushed several times. You should soon discover a hidden switch that will flood the pit with water. Keep going into the next room.

A pair of boulders will start rolling towards you as you enter. Sprint out of harms way and head off to the left where you will have to jump across a pit full of spikes. Look down into the hole and note the spikes on one side and water on the other. Naturally you will want to drop into the water and swim into the next room with more statues breathing fire at you. You should now be at the pit you just flooded so dive in and flip the switch to open the gate. Swim down the passage to get the second Key of Ganesha, then return to the surface and exit this area.

The next room has a pair of locked gates with a pair of keyhole and you happen to have a pair of keys. Enter the now-open gates and note the spiked ceiling dropping towards you. Run to the wall and climb up the ladder where you will find your next Save Gem. The block over in the right corner is moveable and needs to be pulled out so you can climb on and do a running jump to the ledge and the switch above. Turn and do a running leap to the next ledge to find and flip a second switch which opens the gates. It also causes a pair of boulders to come rolling into the room which you can easily avoid by jumping to either side.

Through the gates is a room with two paths, each guarded by flaming statues. You can dodge the flames with careful timing and use of the sprint run. Wait for the flames to start to die out then sprint towards them and turn at the last minute before they flare up again. You should now be in the next room with another statue who comes to life as you enter. Kill this one just like the last and when he is dead, take his sword.

Climb onto the ledge with a multi-armed statue and the second statue will come to life below. Kill him and take his sword then return to the other statue and put the pair of swords in his empty hands. This opens the exit from this room. Enter the next room and take your pick of holes to crawl through. In the next room, drop to the floor and go through this room to the next where another statue will come to life as your approach the center platform.

When he is dead you can get the Key of Ganesha from the middle of the room then head over to the gate which will open for you. Light up the place with a flare and sprint into the room and flip the switch at the other end. The spiked ceiling will start to descend, so quickly flip the second switch to open the floor grate and drop in. Below is the second Key of Ganesha and a gate which will open as soon as you take the key. You can now return to the room where you got the first key.

Head into the next room with the Save Gem floating in the air and the pit filled with water. A very strong current will try to pull you into some spikes on either side of this room, so quickly swim to the left or right and flip the switch next to the spikes. Swim back to the front of this room then over to the other switch and flip it to deactivate the strong currents in this area. You can now pick up the third Key of Ganesha before swim up and climb out of the pit.

Now you can head over to the wall with the three locks and use your hard-earned keys to open the gate at the top of the stairs. Climb the stairs and go through the gate to end this challenging level.


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