Ganges River

That Quad Bike tempts you right away as you begin this new level, but don't get on it quite yet. Go up to the ramp and drop off the side and hang, then climb down the ladders which take you to the left. Next is a difficult series of running jumps. Watch your timing as you make the jump as well as your headroom throughout the arc of the leap. Backflip from the low area after the small gap then do one more running jump to access Secret #1.

Once you are in the secret room, face the first slope and jump to it, then jump 3 more time and grab the edge to reach the flat area and some Shells. Now you get to make your way all the way back to the Quad Bike. Get up to full speed and make the jump over the ramp and keep going along the wall and give the ATV extra gas when you get near a drop-off.

When you reach a small pit you should be able to find a ladder nearby. It leads down to Secret #2. Get back on your ATV and circle around to the ledge to make a big jump. Back up against the wall for extra speed and to make sure you are lined up squarely for the jump. After the jump you will arrive at a gold door and will be forced to leave your bike behind for now.

Take a look at the wall near the ramp you just jumped then run and jump into the passage. Crawl along the passage until you can stand, then kill the two snakes hiding in the shadows as you continue through the passage. You should come to a hole which you can jump across before arriving at a switch guarded by some monkeys. Flip the switch to open the gold door then make your way back to the ATV. Drive until you reach the Save Gem.

At this point you need to stay on the main path. You could take the path to the right which is a major shortcut to the end of the level, but in doing so you would miss several secrets and ruin any chance of playing the Secret Bonus Level. If you insist on taking the shortcut; here is a quick narrative of what to expect.

SHORTCUT: Take the ATV down a bumpy slope and jump over the river. You'll end up in a tunnel where a monkey will soon arrive with a Medkit. Kill the monkey and any of his friends then continue down the passage until you reach a green cliff with two openings. Explore both areas and watch out for the snake who is waiting to attack.

The upper entrance leads to a small room that you can crawl to and get the first Gate Key. Follow the crawlspace along the green passage that leads to hallway with more monkeys and the Gate Key Locks. You need to jump and grab the ledge at the end of the hall to get outside where you can spot the gate and some deadly quicksand nearby. Take the Save Gem then find the steep slope and do a backflip onto it. Grab on as you start to slide.

Jump off the slope to reach the pillar which you can grab onto and pull up. Jump over to the branches and into the opening in the wall where you will find branches and a ledge. Kill any monkeys that get in your way then jump a few times to the left to get some ammo from another ledge. Over to the right is a building with the second Gate Key and more monkeys. Keep an eye on that flaming statue as you head downstairs then flip the switch to open the gate outside. More monkeys will arrive on the scene, but they shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Return to the hall with the ledge and the Gate Key Locks and open the gate. Return to the ATV and ride it up and make a daring jump over the quicksand. Go around the building where you obtained the second key and head into the jungle by the river. You will make one final jump across the river to get back on the main path; a little bit faster but lacking several secrets.

Head along the right side of the slope and make a huge jump. Force your ATV into the wall to slow it down after you land or you will probably have a fatal accident.Continue up the slope and then turn right. You should now be in a large room with a large hole in the floor. Head around the hole and up the ramp outside. Stay to the right and stop when you reach the top and exit your bike. Walk out onto the ramp and you should be able to spot the next secret.

You should be able to find some ammo on the ledge, then jump and pull up to the crawlspace for Secret #3; Harpoons and a Save Gem. Return to your bike and follow the ramp until you reach the hall that splits off in two directions. Both passage lead to the same open area with a Save Gem high above and another ramp to jump your ATV across. You will have to follow the ramp up as it twists around several sharp corners until you reach the actual jump. Naturally there is a big hole in the middle of the ramp, but you should be able to get over it with lots of speed.

Ditch the bike and get the Save Gem then get ready to go for the next secret. Climb down the nearby ladder and from the top of the cliff you should see the Secret along the ledge on the left. Follow the top ledge and do a running leap across the chasm to the next ledge. You may need to take care of a vulture about now. Do a running jump to the next slope followed by another jump and a grab so you can pull yourself up and crawl in to claim Secret #4. To exit, simply jump back to the slope and jump once more to get back across.

From the ledge above the falls you should be able to see a small ledge below and to the right. Jump down to the ledge and quickly turn to kill the three vultures who attack. Some ammo is on the ledge and you should also spot a crack which leads to Secret #5. Do a running leap and a grab to cling to the ledge and shimmy right. Continue to the water and walk through the falls and climb the rocks to exit this level.


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