Caves of Kaliya

At the first intersection, head left to get the Flares. The next intersection has a crawlspace to the left and a pair of dead ends to the right. A hall continues on to the left of the crawlspace, so follow it around until you reach a hole in the floor. Drop into the hole to get some more Flares then climb out and return to the beginning of the level and take the right path.

After a short crawl you will be running down a ramp being chased by a boulder. You will probably have to sprint to keep ahead of the boulder but be ready to make a sharp turn at the bottom of the ramp to get out of the rock's way. Now head off to the left and explore the passage. You will notice a small alcove to the right which you are about to use. You may want to light this area with a flare before you proceed. Continue down the hall and when you hear the boulder coming at you; roll and run back to the alcove to avoid the boulder.

Now continue down the hall and jump and grab onto the ledge and crawl into the next series of passages. Watch out for snakes as you explore the area around the left corner. Return to the crawlspace and continue down the right passage as it winds around to the left ending in a dead end with some Shells. Return to the 3-way intersection and take the path opposite the crawlspace (or turn right). Follow the hall until you notice a raised section of floor. Looking left you should notice a block that you can push out past the raised floor revealing a passage to the right. Continue down that hall and turn right at the next intersection. Make a left at the next intersection and finally another right and you should work your way around to a dead end with a hole in the floor.

Drop into the hole and follow this new hall that leads to another crawlspace. Go through to arrive at another intersection. Head down the hall until you reach a room with Flares, a hole and a Save Gem. Jump over the hole to get the gem then do a safety drop into the hole.

YIKES! Surrounded by no less than four snakes. You will be safe as long as you are standing on the plant in the center of the room. More snakes are waiting by the pair of ramps at the other end of the room and a rolling boulder adds to the excitement. It's best to dodge the boulder then kill the snakes. If you try to do both at once you will certainly get bit. When you have killed the remaining six snakes, follow the hall where the boulder rolled into and get the Medkit and the Save Gem.

Slide down the ramp and meet the BOSS. Head to the left of the landing and get ready to do lots of jumping and firing. Keep your back against the wall and always keep moving and jumping to avoid his homing missiles. When he is dead you can collect the Grenade Launcher and grenades from the ledges. Don't bother getting these first. I learned the hard way that this guy is immune to grenades. Finally move to the center platform and take the Infada Artifact to end your adventures in India.


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