Coastal Village

Begin the level by heading right and swim into the lagoon. Below is a block and a Smuggler's Key (crucial for finding that forth secret). Swim out onto the beach and get the Medkit then investigate those cliffs. Do a running jump over to the slope and grab on to shimmy right until you can get up on the flat surface. Jump over the next flat area then do a running leap to grab and pull up onto the ledge with Secret #1; MP5 ammo.

Now the paths diverge. One route leads down behind the yellow colored slope. The other starts inside the hut where you can use the Smugglers Key to open the trapdoor. This route is the ONLY way to get all four secrets on the island. Since the trapdoor route requires some backtracking along the OTHER route I will explain it first. If you choose the trapdoor route I will tell you when it's time to backtrack.

Slide down the slope behind the yellow ridge. You cannot get back up this slope so the trapdoor (and forth secret) is forever out of reach unless you restore. Head into the thick bushes where a native is hiding. Do a running jump and grab to the ledge above the swamp. You will trigger a dart trap but as long as you don't move they won't hit you. Run and jump out of here when the darts have past.

You will pass under a rope bridge and continue to the opening where more natives await. Climb up the roots of the large tree then pull up onto the ledge. Some Shells are a few ledges (and jumps) away in the opposite direction of the swamp. Find and follow the branch that runs along the rope bridge. Do a running jump to grab the branch and take it to the other side where you can find Serpent Stone #1. A concealed ledge is above you and has Secret #2; ammo on it. Slide down to the ground and head over to the waterfall.

Drop down and get the Save Gem then follow the path until you can jump behind the waterfall into a dark area. You should find Serpent Stone #2 in this room. Now return to the exit and jump to the slope and walk down it so you don't fall off. Make your way to the platform in the middle of the falls and climb the ladder. Follow the passage and keep climbing to reach the upper level. Kill the native waiting on the ledge then do a running leap and grab to the next ledge.

From this ledge you should be able to jump to the next ledge near the final stone. Jump around the corner next to the torch and get Serpent Stone #3. You now can just slide down from the ledge and find the passage with the slots for the three stones. Put each stone in its resting place and the entrance to the village will open.

Enter the village and kill the native on the ledge above. More natives move in from the left. You should get a Medkit and a Rocket is in one of the huts. Another native over to the left is shooting poison darts. Dodge them and kill him quickly. Follow the path to the left and kill another native on the ledge before turning the wheel which opens the path back to the right. Return to the village and kill more attacking natives who try to stop you. Head into the new open area along the right path.

Natives are waiting between the huts to surprise you. There are also some Shells on the ledge nearby. Between the huts is a dark path. If you light a flare you should spot a secret cave. Keep an eye out for attacking natives as you get Secret #3 from inside the cave.

Now head to the treehouse and climb the ledge to search the huts above. Watch out for more native snipers with dart shooters. Remember that poison will slowly eat away at your health, even after the initial hit. Turn the wheel in the hut to open a door below the treehouse. This will also summon a native who needs to learn about the proper use of gun powder.

Jump out of the window in the treehouse and over to the sloped roof. Jump again as soon as you land then grab to cling to the ledge. Climb into the passage and kill the guy in there before proceeding down the hall. Watch out for the hole in the floor as you make your way to the top of the hut where you can reach the vines above. Grab them and monkey swing to the other end, then turn to the right and head to the intersection and keep left.

In the next hut you will find a button which raises a grating allowing you to get by the deadly fire. This trap is quite deadly so do it fast and do it right. After you push the first button, turn and kill the native, then sprint past the spinning blades and turn the wheel. Now slide backwards and hang before dropping to the slope below.

A giant crocodile is lurking about the water in this area so you may want to get to the safety of shore quickly so you have the advantage. Follow the tunnel to the end of this level.


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