Temple of Puna

Our visit to the South Pacific Isles concludes with a small adventure into the Temple of Puna. You will start this level already under attack by hostile natives. Kill them quickly to avoid their poison darts. If you do get hit, try to kill as many other natives as you can before using that medkit. Head to the lower area and check out the gate that leads to the final boss. Ignore it for now and make your way into the larger room with the boulder on the ramp.

More natives attack as you make your way up the stairs. Kill them all then when you reach the top, duck down and crawl into the next deadly room. Rolling blades cross the room making things rather difficult. Jump from the upper ledge and sprint as the blades go by over to the right corner. Turn so your back is to the corner and you are looking out into the room. When the blades go by, move over to hit the switch and return to the safety of your corner before the blades return.

Now you need to make a mad dash for the opposite end of the room. Line up with the axle on the blades and jump the gap between a set of blades and then sprint to the next corner. Repeat this process to flip all four switches. You may find it easier to backflip out of the corner so you are already facing the switch. This will save your precious seconds in lining up your approach to the switch and getting back to the safety of the corner.

The door will open after the forth button is pressed. Head to the safety of the door and then time your run back into the room to get the Save Gem as the blades roll off to the left. Roll as soon as your grab it and sprint back to the door.

Slide down the slope and into the next room where a spiked ceiling threatens our heroine. Three switches will stop the ceiling if you flip them fast enough, but pulling out the box will do the same thing and with a lot less to panic about. Now that the ceilng is stopped, flip the switches at your leisure to open the door. Do a safety drop down the hole and into the large chamber with the boulder trap.

Flip the switch to turn on the lights and seal the door. Sprint down the passage as the boulder is released and rumbles toward you. Sprint through the door and turn right making your way toward the Save Gem. Keep to the center otherwise the floor will collapse and you should finally reach safety between the two ramps. If you missed the Save Gem you can crawl back and get it now.

Back in the hall you will be attacked by a native on the right and two more on the left. Start up the stairs and when it reverses direction you should be able to spot an opening high above in the darkness. Jump from the steps over to the wall and shimmy to the left and into the opening to get Secret #1.

Finally, go through the gate and slide down the slope to enter the boss's chamber. Puna will turn as you approach. When combat begins, KEEP MOVING. He can only hit you if you are standing still. One hit and you are dead, so just keep jumping around and you will be fine. Puna never gets out of his chair, making him an easy target. Every so often he will summon some of his friends to assist him. Always kill them first before worrying about the boss. He will leave you alone as long as his help is still fighting for him. When Puna is no more, grab the Medkit from the ledge and get the relic.


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