Thames Wharf

As you begin your adventures in London, check out the slope wall to the right where you will find the first secret. Do a running jump over the wall and get the ammo and Save Gem before using the box to get over the wall. Drop down and jump to the crane then drop to the counterweight and finally jump and grab onto the ladder. Avoid the barbwire and make your way down the sloped roof. Finally walk through the remaining barbwire and kill the rats and claim Secret #1.

Return to the crane then make your way back to the beginning of the level. Now hang from the walkway until you can spot a ramp and a switch below you. Drop onto the slope then jump and grab the ledge and pull up to flip the switch. Do a running jump and grab to the next ledge and get the Medkit then slide down to the green door that opened when you flipped that last switch.

The second part of the platform in this dark area will collapse as you walk onto it so do a sprint/roll to get across it and onto the next stable section. Do a running leap and grab from this section and pull up onto the next ledge and kill the guy so you can take his Flue Room Key. Return to the ledge and drop and grab the ledge below. Push the button to open the exit then shimmy right to leave.

Return to the green trapdoor and flip the switch to the right before doing a safety drop to the level below. You should spot a ledge above the green door about the same time you are attacked by a crow. When the threat is eliminated, shimmy along the ledge and find a pair of crawlspaces. The second space is Secret #2. Now return to the ledge with the green door and climb into the dark crawlspace and continue to the right.

Push the next button and return through the crawlspace to find another button that moves the scaffold. Go to the end of the ledge and do a safety drop to the slope below and make your way to the ground floor. Kill the sniper before getting more Flares and a Save Gem then climb the stack of boxes to return to the upper ledges. Find and use the ladders to return to the beginning of this level.

Flip the switch then jump back over the ledge above the green door. Shimmy along the crack to the right and follow the path until the paths split. Take the lower passage and you should spot the scaffold down below. To the right is the button you saw arlier. Push the button to raise the scaffold so you can access the Flue Room door. Do a running jump to the scaffold and grab in midair so you don't hit your head on he awning. A crow will show up about now, so when he is dead you can enter the Flue Room.

Grab the Save Gem and push the button that will cause flame jets to shoot into the room. Time your run through the flames to exit. Do a safety drop from the scaffold to get back to the main path, then return to the split and take the upper passage this time. You should spot a hole that is now open thanks to that button you pressed back in the Flue Room.

Before you drop into the hole, get some ammo that is on the ledge above. Jump and grab and pull up to get it then look to the left. Slide down the slope and drop to the ledge. Drop down to get Secret #3; a Rocket, before climbing back up and dropping into the hole.

Follow the passage and do a jump and grab to pull up to the ledge with the Save Gem then continue down the sloping passage. Grab the Medkit before sliding down and dropping into the next room where a guard requires your swift attention. You are now in the Water Control Room (in case you were wondering) and there is a pretty good puzzle to solve.

There are two tanks in this room; one is full and the other is empty. There is also a hallway to the left that you can't get to just quite yet. Flip the switch to flood the empty tank then jump in and swim down to get some items and flip a second switch that opens a door in the full tank. Return topside and flip the switch again to lower the water level in the tank with the door you just opened. Dive in and swim past the dangerous blades which should slow down as you get near allowing you to pass. Continue along the passage past the fans and look for a crawlspace when the main hall comes to a dead end. Drop down to the passage below and enter the dark room.

Pull the mesh box out then push it along the walkway so the generator smashes the wall panel. Be careful and always back away after each movement of the box just in case... You should also find a Save Gem over by the light switch. After you have shorted out the appropriate systems, the glass panel back in the Water Control Room will have lifted and you can access the button.

You should now have access to the glowing red hall to the left. Follow the hall and swim over to kill another guard and press the button to raise the second glass shield. Return to Water Control Room and use the monkey swing to get across the now-dry tank. After you press the second button, return to the tank you just did the monkey swing on and swim down following the underwater tunnel where you can find some Harpoons. When you come to the open area, grab the items and exit into the hallway.

Follow this passage through some barbwire and jump to the crane platform and do another jump to the wall. Watch out for a sniper in the cathedral dome who is protecting this levels final two secretes. Find and push the moveable block so you can use it to climb to the ledge above. You should get a Medkit; Secret #4, and a running jump over to the far slope will get you the Cathedral Key (which is used in the Secret Bonus Level).

Before leaving, check out the fence to the left and notice the break. Climb down the ladder and follow the path down to Secret #5; a Medkit before climb up and exiting the dome and this level.


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