As the level begins grab onto the ledge and get the Shotgun Shells, before you drop into the subway. Blast open the grating in the first hall and climb into the upper area where you can find several items. Kill anything sneaking up on you - rats are abundant in this level. Walk around and pull out the box with the climbable surface then drop into the ticket booth area. Kill some more rats then climb up the opening above the ticket booth where you will find the Maintenance Room Key. Leave through the door and take the escalator on the right. Jump the pit then head through the door.

A button in the room turns on the lights which should let you spot an Old Penny lying next to the tracks. Drop down onto the lower tracks then sprint and dodge to the right to avoid the oncoming train. You should now be in a red room which you will see many more times during this level. Get all the items then climb up the ladder and backflip to the ledge. Monkey swing across the ceiling then turn right and drop at the wall.

Do a safety drop into the drill room the jump sideways to the left as the floor falls out beneath you. Slide then jump and grab to hang onto the ledge and shimmy right as a blade comes down. When you get to the right, drop and grab the edge of the slope and pull up and do a backflip with a twist to face and grab the opposite ledge. One more safety drop to the next ledge gets you Secret #1.

Back in the upper chamber, climb to the ledges and sidestep to the right then get on the block when the flames die down. Climb up and flip the switch to open a door back in the red room and activate another trap. Climb up into the chamber above the train platform and kill some rodents and gather up the items before dropping down to the platform. Return to the red room using the lower tracks and climb up to the trap door.

In this room you will need to kill a guy then find the area to drop down and pull out the box so you can enter the next hall. Continue down this hall until you reach a green colored area with a pair of buttons. Press the left button then sprint to the middle and far right rooms to get the first Solomon Key. On your return trip through the red room do the monkey swing into the drill room to get the second Solomon Key in the hall above the drill.

head back to the ticket booth and use that Penny to buy a Ticket. Investigate the other escalator and kill anything that gets in your way. When you spot the mudslide you should also see a grating you can blast open. Drop inside to find Secret #2, then head down the tracks and shoot the guard on the right. Shoot him fast otherwise he will escape and have you run over by a train.

In the small room, find and push the button to enter the next puzzle room. A small alcove should also open back on the track allowing you to get a Save Gem which you should get (and use) before tackling this next puzzle. This next room is tough. Press the button on the right just inside the hall then head down the long hall around a left turn to press the next button. A room should open, so enter and press the button on the left, then return to the hall and go around the turn to find a button on the right. Push it, then head back to the very first button and push it before heading all the way back down the long hall and pressing that button again. You should now have access to the Mason's room. If not - then be glad you saved your game.

The first thing you want from the Mason's room, besides that Save Gem, are the Uzi's. There are some nasty floor panels that will collapse so watch out for those. The Ornate Star is behind the curtain. You can run to get it but you will have to jump back as the floor will have collapse behind you. Use that pair of Solomon Keys to get the Masonic Mallet. Watch out for attack dogs when you take this item.

You should find a second door in the Mason's room where you can swim to a new area. Run, jump and grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right. Jump to the ceiling panel and then drop down to the crawlspace and continue until you reach the barrier. That Ticket will come in handy about now and so will you guns against the attacking rats. Use the Ornate Star in front of the door to trigger Secret #3. Get ready for some fast combat action before following the upper hall to the escalator.

Continue until you reach the locked door then use the Masonic Mallet to open the door and follow the hall until you arrive at the train. Kill the guard then explore the darkness for more useful items and Secret #4. Enter the train and press the button then follow the passages leading to the end of this level but don't leave just yet.

You should spot a guy with a torch running off down a hall. Follow him, but DON'T SHOOT. He is your ticket to the final secret in the game. As you go around the corner you will get attacked by two guys. Kill them both then press both of the switches in the small room to open the final secret back in the red room. Retrace your path back through the train and across an overpass and through a trapdoor. Back in the red room you should now see a new open door with lots of items and even some target practice to the left of the intersection. This is Secret #5, and once you have it you can exit the level via either ramp back by the room with the two buttons that opened this secret.


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