Lud's Gate

The important thing to remember now is that the Immortals are now "friends", much like the Monks from Tomb Raider 2. As long as you leave them alone, they will leave you alone.

Take a left at the room with two pools and slide down to the room below. Pull up onto the right ledge then drop down to the crack then finally the ground where you can walk through some barbwire. Pull up where the crack widens to find a dark area also known as Secret #1. Exit via the hole in the ceiling then jump around the corner to grab the edge of the slope to get back up above the barbwire.

Press the button to open the trapdoor then climb to the passage and get the Medkit before jumping and climbing up the mesh. When you get above the green gate do a backwards jump with a twist to land on the ledge behind you. Backflip and twist to reach the ladder behind you and climb up and drop then grab so you are hanging from the ledge. Now pull up onto the ledge to trigger Secret #2.

Climb the mesh and crawl to the end of the passage where some ammo is stashed. Then crawl back until you can stand and drop down to the room where you can find a moveable block. Kill the guard then move the block to the other side of the track so you can enter the next area.

You should now be in an Egyptian area and a ladder is nearby. Climb up and go through the opening. Follow the passage and move the box so you can climb up to put you within jumping and grabbing reach of the exit. Now use the pillar to reach the upper ledge to the left. Slide down the red sloped hall to the room with the block and move it over to the middle then return to the Egyptian room. Climb the pillar and find the switch on the wall to the left of the ladder. Do a running jump and grab to lower your arc and land on the ledge. Flip the switch to close the ladder door.

Use the monkey swing to access a pair of alcoves where you can claim a Save Gem and find a switch that opens the a door above you. Climb to the top of this room using the ladder and various ledges on the left. You should find some items along the way. At the top of the slope you will want to slide and jump then grab the walkway. Slide again and jump as the floor gives way beneath you. You should now be able to get the Embalming Fluid before going on.

Kill the guard up ahead then enter the crawlspace leading to the next room. As you exit into this next room you will be taking hits already from a gunman. Stand and kill him quickly then get the Rocket from behind the door before heading to the Sphinx room. Monkey swing across to the ledge and get the Save Gem then drop to the head of the Sphinx.

Head to the left-rear corner and do a standing jump to a small ledge with a Medkit. Jump to the nearby pillar then do a running jump and grab the edge of the slope. Pull up and slide then jump to the ledge where you can see another Save Gem and register Secret #3.

Once you reach the bottom, kill any enemies then move the boxes around. Stand on the first ledge and climb one of the boxes to access the upper passage where Secret #4 will chime. Jump and grab and then drop from the blue ledge to get back down. Move the other box to return to the beginning of this level where you can use the Embalming Fluid at the ceremonial altar to open the next passage.

Dive in and locate the UPV. Head to the right to find the opening and enter the hole beneath the box as a croc closes in. Once inside, spin around and shoot the croc as he swims toward you. Collect all the items from the surrounding area and don't forget to catch your breath every now and then. A strong current will suck you into a new area over to the right. Follow this passage and spot the next secret through the window. Pull the lever to the right and push the button above to open the next passage further down this one.

Continue along the passage and head to the right when you enter the large area. Air is above around a second right turn and down below is a room with a switch. Down next to this room is a small alcove in the wall with some items that make up Secret #5.

Return to the large underwater area and head down the narrow hall. Climb out on the ledge to the right and stay low. Your final Secret #6 is underwater and to the right, but you must kill the frogman quickly or he will close it off and you won't be able to get it (without restoring your game). Take the underwater tunnel to the large area where there are lots of items to collect, switches to flip and doors to explore. Air is available in the upper-left corner and you will need to breath before each dive.

When you flip the final switch the exit will open back to the left of the air pocket. A small army of frogmen will also swarm the area. Get out of this area as quickly as possible. Once you make it to the water passage, drop down beneath the flaming ledges and pull the lever to turn off the fire. Dodge the pistons and use the monkey swing to get to the opening in the waterfall. Use the Boiler Room Key to open the door back through the underwater chamber.

Follow the machinery to the left and kill some guards. The trail should come to a dead end but a crawlspace is nearby which leads to the next area. Do a running jump and grab onto the ledge. When you reach the purple ledge it's time for the next level and the next BOSS!


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